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What are the Best Books About Bingo?

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Bingo is one of the world’s favourite pastimes, and the simple, lottery ball format is recognizable to many. The game has shot back into the mainstream in recent years thanks to the rise of its digitalized version, which aims to appeal to a broader demographic than ever before. For players who want to improve their bingo strategy, there are plenty of great books that can help with that. There are also various titles on the market that introduce other topics alongside a fun bingo theme.

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Bingo is as Popular as Ever

Bingo is rapidly becoming one of the most popular online games. This could be thanks to the enhanced variety available on the internet. When you look at the list of bingo games to choose from, the most striking thing is the diversity. There are bingo rooms with different themes like Speed Trap and Deal or No Deal Bingo, and then there are also bingo-related games like Slingo. This hybrid offering comes in various formats as well, with Lucky Pants Slingo and Slingo Sweet Bonanza representing two widely different genres.

For anyone interested in getting into bingo online, it may be wise to read up on a few books related to the game first. There are so many out there to choose from that it can be a bit of a minefield.

Books Related to Bingo Strategy

For anyone who has never picked up a bingo dauber in their lives, a great introductory book is The Basics of Winning Bingo by Avery Cardoza. Cardoza has written numerous books introducing people to gambling activities, and the 64-page offering published in 1991 provides all the details that players need to know about getting started. Seasoned players of the game are unlikely to garner any useful knowledge from it, however.

One of the older books on the market is How to Win at Bingo by Joseph E. Granville, who was best known for writing about the financial industry. Some of the late author’s most famous works were to do with the stock market and how to prepare for an imminent crash.

Books that Combine Bingo with Other Topics

For many bingo players, the need to read a book about how to play the game seems unnecessary. Still, fans of the pastime may enjoy books that use bingo themes alongside other topics. A prime example of this type of book is Bird Bingo by Christine Berrie. Readers can discover 64 species of bird from around the world, all depicted with stunning drawings. The aim is to fill up bingo cards by identifying birds such as blue jays and toucans.

Dog Bingo by Polly Horner is a similar option, with 64 varieties of canine illustrated on the pages. Other bingo books with nature themes include Ecology and the Environment Bingo Book and Weather Bingo Book, both by Rebecca Stark.

These books highlight how bingo can be used in various ways aside from it being simply a lucky ball draw. Perhaps this is why the game appeals to such a wide range of people and is continuing to attract more players every year.

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