5 Books to Read If You’re a Medical Student

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The curriculum of medical students is a real roller-coaster ride of learning physiology, anatomy, diagnosis and treatment. The world demands for medical workers grow very fast. Each year this niche becomes more and more competitive, forcing young people to get out of their comfort zone and study hard. They need to gain a plethora of complicated skills to build a successful career.

Medicine is extremely difficult and one must make a Herculean effort to master its content. Medical students should equip themselves with deep knowledge that goes far beyond their syllabus. And there is no better way to do it than by reading books. But the question is ‘How to find time for reading with a busy student schedule?’ The answer is below!

Finding time for books

Everyday classes, extracurricular activities, tests and exams leave no chance for reading. It’s so hard to carve out even a few hours a week to read a book. Luckily, there is a great solution for medical students that will relieve the burden on their shoulders. They can turn to a special medical research paper writing service and ask professionals to complete a home assignment for them. Delegating a part of your homework to specialists is sometimes a necessity. If you are too overloaded with studies, it’s the best thing you can do for both emotional balance and good grades. This way, you can also have a chance to get absorbed by an exciting and smart book.

The best books about medicine

Naturally, your curriculum requires you to read textbooks on physiology and anatomy as well as countless scientific articles. But to get an understanding of the real world of medicine, you should consider some other types of reading. Below is the list of top books that could benefit medical students.

1. Bad Science

If you are passionate about research, Bad Science is a must-read for you. It’s a perfect combination of humour and facts that explain things going on behind discoveries. Ben Goldacre is a British physician and researcher with an extraordinary approach to science. In his book, he explains key principles of the scientific method in an ironic and unexpected way. Bad Science tells about the malpractice committed by researchers, institutions and science journals as well as about the troubles caused by so-called bad science. This book will definitely provide you with an idea on the realities of contemporary research. What makes it special is the light-hearted tone and great jokes.

2. Where There Is No Doctor: A Village Healthcare Handbook

This book was supposed to be a manual based on the experience of the village doctor from western Mexico. The idea of the author was to explain to readers how to manage different healthcare issues in a rural area where decent healthcare is not available. This is one of the most informative and ​​condensed books on this list, and it’s definitely worth reading to get insight into medicine in developing regions. While reading Where There Is No Doctor, you will learn some useful tips that may be of service at some point of your career.

3. Do No Harm

This is another insightful book based on a doctor’s experiences. Written by neurosurgeon Henry Marsh, it shows what it’s like to have a patient’s life in your hands. If you believe that neurosurgery is all about complex skills and a steady hand, you will see that there is something else beyond that. Doctor Henry Marsh says that his profession is also about countless human dramas and painful everyday decisions. As a result of his operations, patients are usually left with the lesser of two evils, which is discussed in the book in more detail.

4. The House of God

The only fiction book in this article is the novel created by a psychiatrist Samuel Shem. It follows several interns at the hospital with a weird name —The House of God. The plot is focused on Roy who has just arrived at the department. Based on his own experience, the author tells about extraordinary people met by Roy and weird hospital rules that everybody has to respect. If you are in the mood for a humorous novel, this one would be a perfect option for you. The House of God is a comical piece that will give you an idea of what your life after university might be like.

5. This Is Going to Hurt

Those who are looking for inspiration should consider the book by Adam Kay, who works as a gynaecologist. In this work, he shares some stories from his career life, starting from the times when he was applying to a medical school. The author describes how the admissions process is not always effective in choosing students with the right qualities for a medical future. Adam Kay also talks about his experience as a junior doctor, seeing his very first death and saving his first life. The book offers a lot of insight for young people and inspires them for big achievements.

Author’s BIO

Angela Boggs is an academic coach, working with medical students. She helps young people reach ambitious study goals by teaching them effective learning techniques. Angela believes that one of the most important aspects of academic success is extensive reading. She does her best to inspire students to read a lot and make the most out of this activity.

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