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Books To Perfect Your Gambling Strategies

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While many people enjoy gambling as a hobby and for a bit of fun, others out there take things slightly more seriously. Punters enjoy various forms of gambling because they want to win. And thankfully, there are some excellent books out there that can make winning occur more regularly.

Blackjack Bluebook II

You will often hear people suggest that punters must read a blackjack basic strategy guide if they’re new to the game. And, it’s an excellent tip. So, for anyone who needs to, they should look no further than Blackjack Bluebook II, which is written by Fred Renzey. It’s a book that does exactly what it says on the tin, or should that be cover? But, it does so in a down-to-earth way that anyone and everyone will understand.

Gamble To Win Roulette

Akin to blackjack, roulette is another game where luck is everything. However, some strategies may be able to shift that luck in a punter’s direction. Again, we stick with the theme of suggesting a read that is simple, as it makes it accessible to more people. R.D. Ellison’s Gamble To Win Roulette talks about different versions of the game and the tips and tricks that players can incorporate into their thinking when they’re at the table.

The Theory Of Poker

You can’t talk about poker books and not mention The Theory of Poker, which is described as the strategic dictionary of the game by all those in the know. Written by the legendary David Sklansky, this masterpiece, which contains twenty-five chapters, will allow readers to develop a basic strategy and then use this as a foundation to build from. Most variations of poker are covered, with this book more appealing to those who take the game seriously. You will struggle to find professional poker players who haven’t read The Theory of Poker multiple times.

Video Poker Edge

Video poker is a well-loved game worldwide, both offline and online. And, with so many players, it makes sense there are quite a few books out there that are more than worth a read. Video Poker Edge, a 2005 release from Linda Boyd, is the pick of the bunch. Yes, video poker is a game of chance, but you also get to make decisions that can prove crucial. Video Poker Edge is a book designed to help players make the right decisions with the right bets, which should mean more wins.

Secrets Of Winning Baccarat

We end our list on books to perfect gambling strategies with Secrets of Winning Baccarat, which Brian D. Kayser pens. Baccarat is an incredibly popular game these days, primarily because of the low house edge. And in the two hundred and fifty-six pages of this read, Kayser aims to deliver methods where they can make adjustments to shift the odds in their favour after learning the basics, which are also taught.

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