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True Crime Stories You Can Read

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Writers often come up with great stories about crime, criminals, cops, FBI agents, and people who find themselves near and somehow involved in the maelstrom of criminal events. But no matter how much of a fictionist the writer may be, the most frightening plots and violent crimes unfold in reality. Sometimes life is the best writer

The label “based on true events” makes any book out of place. After all, you can try to find answers to the maddening questions: what is going on in a criminal’s mind? How did he manage to commit evil and come clean? Why didn’t the surroundings suspect anything? And is there still a way to distinguish monsters from normal people? We’ve gathered for you some that are based on stories that happened. They will give you the creeps.

The Lincoln Lawyer by Michael Connelly

Attorney Mickey Holler takes “on wheels,” specifically his office in the back seat of a car. Other than profit, nothing matters to him. The case of a wealthy Beverly Hills client brought in for assaulting a prostitute seems simple and lucrative at first. But now the lawyer has to fear for his own life.

Michael Connelly has dynamic plots and a lighthearted style that has made the entire series of novels about a talented lawyer who can win a hopeless case and get to the bottom of it. We wonder how this case goes if the client hires professionals from instead of a layman with the lincoln.

Catch Me If You Can by Frank William Abagnale

The author of this book, in the 1960s, earned himself a reputation as the most hardened crook in America, managing to operate in all American states as well as 26 foreign countries. The FBI and Interpol wanted to get their hands on him.

Frank Abagnale, who crossed the line into law at age 16. While hiding from law enforcement, he forged documents and successfully performed the roles of a pilot, a lawyer, or a doctor. The fraud experience also helped Abignale earn his first legal million.

“Catch Me If You Can,” tells the amazing story of an adventurer who can seemingly come out the winner of any situation.

An Officer and a Spy by Robert Harris

Robert Harris offers you a brilliant spy thriller about the famous Dreyfus affair.

It happened in Paris 1895. Alfred Dreyfus, a young officer who has just been convicted of treason and sentenced to life imprisonment on Devil’s Island

The witness of this public humiliation was Georges Piccard, an ambitious officer, who “proved” that it was Dreyfus who gave French secrets to the Germans. But how does it happen? You will find out in the pages of this detective story

Zodiac by Robert Graysmith

37 proven victims, which in reality could have been more. Total elusiveness over the years. Such masterful evasion of law enforcement, as if he were invisible. The audacious playfulness with the cops and the media. And the fact that he could never be captured.

Robert Graysmith’s investigative journalism takes the reader to America, where a brutal serial killer nicknamed the Zodiac doing crimes from 1966 to 1981. The impression of the author’s narrative is complemented by real materials from the criminal case.

In Cold Blood by Truman Capote

The most significant novel of the remarkable American writer Truman Capote, Cold-Blooded Murder (1966), is based on a real crime committed that happened in Kansas in 1950th. Capote’s book, instantly a bestseller, gave rise to a special genre called ” reportage novel”. The balanced and open-mindedness of the author’s position, a brilliantly accurate style, and polyphonic images made Capote’s novel a golden classic of true crime.

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