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The Benefits Of Listening To Audiobooks

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Every year, the audiobook format is gaining momentum around the world. Even for those who love paper literature, sometimes it is difficult to find time to read. In such cases, it is very convenient to include an audiobook and do other things. Listening to audiobooks has the same effect on certain areas of the brain as reading paper books – this was the conclusion of American scientists.

Currently, audiobooks are used not only for entertainment but also to teach foreign languages. The method of listening entered the curriculum with the first tape recorder, but it is in the age of the Internet that has become the most widespread. There are various textbooks, audio podcasts, recordings of radio shows with assignments, and simply audio courses for learning a foreign language. The method in which a person learns to distinguish between foreign words in the stream of speech of a native speaker is very well proven. Not without reason everyone, who at least once faced with any foreign language certificate, knows that listening comprehension is always a part of the exam.


Audiobooks are a great option for those who are always short of time because you can listen to them while doing other things at the same time. It is a great time saver, and you learn more in the same period of time, fill your life with impressions and emotions, new knowledge, and, at least, avoid boredom.

For example, audiobooks are convenient to listen to in the car, on a long drive, or on the way to work. Even in a rented car in another country, you can get new knowledge! Notice, that to rent Rolls Royce in Dubai you don’t need a fortune, as it may seem.

Possibility to do two useful things at the same time

If you are running around like a squirrel all day and do not have an opportunity to calmly lie down with a book on the couch, audio format is the perfect solution. Combine listening with routine activities that do not require much attention and concentration.

You may clean the apartment, wash the dishes, walk the dog, do physical exercise, go shopping, and at the same time enjoy fiction, learn something new or expand your horizons.

It helps to better understand and memorize the text

Most people are more comfortable receiving information through their eyes. But do not forget that there is about seven percent of audial people, whose hearing is developed much better than the other senses.

If you are a visual person, listening to dubbed books will help you train your auditory abilities. The longer you practice, the better you will learn to listen. It will be difficult at first, but over time it will become a simple task. And it’s clear, that by developing your brain you get more chances to become a noble person.

Doesn’t take up much space

Audiobooks don’t take up space on a shelf or desk. Paper books can turn into a big expense if you buy them often, and they take up space in the apartment and require special storage. All you need is any gadget and headphones!

Read before going to bed without disturbing others

If you sleep in the same room as other people, they may be disturbed by the flicker of a blue screen or the light of a lamp. In such a situation, headphones and an audiobook are the only way to enjoy reading before heading off to the realm of sleep.

Getting new emotions

The auditory areas of the brain have different associative connections, so a book in audio format evokes different emotions. Audiobooks often have music, and sounds (crackling, rustling, splashing waves, etc.). Thanks to such techniques creating the effect of presence, the book becomes more expressive. Also, audiobooks soothe and relieve stress, if the voice of the voice actor is not annoying.


Listening to audiobooks gives not only aesthetic pleasure but also helps the brain develop – has a positive effect on oral speech, and teaches you to better understand the intonations and emotions of others. In addition, audiobooks train listening comprehension and help develop abstract and logical thinking.

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