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Four Best Gambling Books You Should Read

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Reading books might be an old thing for a new generation, but let us tell you that reading is among the best options compared to videos and audios in order to understand something. You get the feeling of immersing in the world created by written words. Since gambling has been an integral part of our culture in recent years, reading books on gambling is worthwhile. There are several online betting platforms that provide sports betting odds to players and offer them amazing bonuses. New players jump to such platforms without having proper knowledge. You will find lots of videos and gambling gurus online, but nothing can beat reading books on this topic.

Thus, we have presented some of the best gambling books that a player should read. You will not learn about the gambling world, but you will know the experience of pro players and what mistakes they made that you should not repeat.

The Mathematics of Games and Gambling – Edward Packle

Every player wants that secret formula or a strategy to win every time he bets. However, there is no such formula, but there is definitely a way to learn the mathematics behind casinos games and gambling. Written by Edward Packle, this book will teach about the basic math behind games like poker, slots, blackjack, roulette, and many more. The writer also highlights some calculations that can be applied in horse race betting and other sports betting activities. The description of Texas Hold’em and poker strategies can be helpful for many new players. Players can learn to guess the outcome of various games based on math using binominal efficient and other such tactics.

Sharper: A Guide to Modern Sports Betting – True Pokerjoe

If you want to learn about sports betting, in particular, this is among the best books to give a shot. In the book, you will find simple and effective betting systems. If you have tried betting and have lost every time you bet, you need to work on your skills with this book. The writer will teach you the importance of hard work, analysis, focus, money management, and several things to become a sports betting pro. In a nutshell, this is not a get instant rich book, but you will learn from the basics.

Scarne’s New Complete Guide to Gambling – John Scarne

If you have researched a bit about gambling history, you might have heard of John Scarne. He might not be one of the popular gamblers, but he holds a special place in gambling history. He was a fan of card games, and he became a professional player. To help others, he wrote a basic gambling guide in this book. If you are a new player and want to know some basics of gambling as a beginner, this is perfect for you. Scarne talks about gambling rules, the mathematics behind games, the history behind games, and some effective tricks in his book. The writer has decades of experience in the gambling world, and he has written other books on gambling as well.

The Biggest Bluff – Maria Konnikova

If poker is your thing, this is the perfect book for you. Poker beginners should give this book a try because the writer, Maria Konnikova, had never played poker until she asked Erik Seidel, a professional poker player, to be her mentor. In this book, she tells her story as a beginner to this amazing world and how she grew. She emphasizes on human behaviour of players and how to beat opponents using psychology.

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