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Understand Ecommerce Marketing – 15 Books to get you Started today

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Having a thorough understanding of the ecommerce marketplace is an invaluable skill as this is this an up-and-coming industry. The following 15 books contain all you need to know to get ahead of your piers by adding a thorough understanding of this industry to your repertoire. 

This is Marketing by Seth Godin

This product was recommended by Michael Chammas from Makro Agency

This is marketing is a great book to remind marketers and business owners that marketing fundamentals are still at play today. With new marketing mediums, ad formats, targeting hacks, marketers and business owners should never forget that they need to understand and define who are the people they seek to serve.

Ecom Hell by Shirley Tan

This product was recommended by Brett Downes from Haro Helpers

From her vast experience, Shirley Tan has puts everything she has learned in a comprehensive checklist to show you how to build a successful eCommerce business and marketing plan. The processes, plans, systems, challenges are all covered in detail. The advice is practical and easy to understand. All of this book is a must-have in every marketer’s bookshelf and highly recommended to entrepreneurs looking to ramp up their marketing efforts.

The lean startup by Eric Ries

This product was recommended by Bridgette Norris from EcoSecretariat

The Lean Startup had been recommended to me by almost everyone I have asked in the eCommerce world. It focuses on validating your idea/product before you invest any of your time and most importantly, money, into it! Encouraging you to answer the most important parts and pre checklists before starting a new business. Your marketing, business and team can be the best in the world but if your product isn’t something that people want or use. This book walks you through all the steps needed to ensure your product is viable, where you can collect feedback and do some small scale testing before committing more time and money into it.

DotCom Secrets by Russell Brunson

This product was recommended by Brian V. Folmer from FirstLook Venture Co.

This book is awesome as it gets quite granular on how to build your marketing funnel in a variety of ways. Russell literally spells it out for you rather than simply describing high-level concepts like many other sources do.

Epic Content Marketing by Joe Pulizzi

This product was recommended by John Stevenson from Top VPN Canada

The first book I recommend is Epic Content Marketing by Joe Pulizzi. It’s a book I read quite a while ago, but its core principles still hold true today. What really stood out to me when I read it was that content marketing is what companies use to capture the attention of customers today. This book may not show the step-by-step shortcuts on how to do your content marketing, but it teaches you the foundations that you need to find your own way of effectively marketing your brand out there.

From Nothing by Ian Pribyl

This product was recommended by John Stevenson from Top VPN Canada

The reason why this book came into mind when asked about eCommerce marketing must-haves, is its no-nonsense approach. It outlines the essentials you need to get your business started online from website hosting, to SEO optimization, to digital marketing – without the extra clutter. It’s a book that was built on a foundation of experience, and easy for anyone to pick up and read – it’s a title I can recommend to beginners.

Launch by Jeff Walker

This product was recommended by Norhanie Pangulima from Centriq

Anything Online, Build A Business You Love, And Live The Life Of Your Dreams by Jeff Walker: This book is an interesting and entertaining read. In this book, you’ll learn a super high-level overview of the sales process for selling an info product. The author introduces you to the Product Launch Formula (PLF), which while drawing on old-style direct marketing, brand building and the influence and persuasion tactics of Robert Cialdini is a brilliant innovation that can benefit new and old businesses, in both online and offline markets. You can see similarities between it and how Apple launches new products with little leaks, a big public launch announcement and then long queues outside the stores on launch day.

The Everything Store by Brad Stone

This product was recommended by Norhanie Pangulima from Centriq

A great book that reveals that excitement, stress, and hardship that has been a part of making Amazon. The book reveals what a complex entity Amazon is and how tremendously impressive Jeff Bezos is, and that’s useful. The author talks about Jeff Benzo’s feverish dreams and how his J-Team goes about implementing his dreams, grounding them when they’re impractical. finding alternate solutions to them.

eCommerce Marketing by Chloe Thomas

This product was recommended by Shiyang Gong from AILaw.Inc

eCommerce Marketing is easy to read and hype-free book and helpful to understand what marketing you should be doing and how to optimize marketing for sale growth. This book helps solve each future marketing challenge and includes tips that will improve your marketing in every challenge. Chloe Thomas has put together detailed strategies and practices that will enhance your eCommerce and marketing skills. I suggest this book because it is an effective and quick start guide to long term online eCommerce and website success. All those who need proven eCommerce strategies and traffic building tactics must read this book.

Don’t Make Me Think Revisited by Steve Krug

This product was recommended by Avinash Chandra from BrandLoom

This is a great book which is short and easy to understand. Krug talks about how your ecommerce website should be designed- so that the visitor does not have to think; his journey is organically shaped so that he can easily make a purchase decision on the fly. It stresses the importance of user experience, and offers tips of how to optimize your website’s design and navigation. Whether you are just a newbie or a veteran ecommerce player, this is a great book for everyone!

Ultimate Guide to Google AdWords by Perry Marshall

This product was recommended by Bailey Hahn from Summit Digital Marketing

This book goes through everything you need to know about Google Ads. From set up to search campaigns all the way to optimizing Shopping Ads. This book was crucial for when I came into the digital marketing scene almost 3 years ago and I continue to use it for training new people within the industry. Perry Marshall breaks down each section of Google Ads and continues to update the book as Google Ads updates. It truly is your go-to guide for an intro to Google Ads!

E-commerce by Chris McDonald

This product was recommended by Ekaterina Shcherbakova from California State University, East Bay

This is a reliable guide that teaches you how to enter Ecommerce world and navigate your business to success. The book provides you with a step-by-step guide on Dropshipping and Retail Arbitrage.

Digital Business and E-commerce Management by Dave Chaffey

This product was recommended by Ekaterina Shcherbakova from California State University, East Bay

This bestseller gives you an idea of the newest SEO, digital marketing and content marketing techniques, together with the insight to growth hacking. This book will be useful for a wide range of specialists who want to use digital approach to their businesses.

Dropshipping E-commerce business model 2021 by Phil Ortiz

This product was recommended by Ekaterina Shcherbakova from California State University, East Bay

The author teaches you how to set up an additional source of passive income via dropshipping. The book explains why dropshipping can be a reliable alternative to investment. All you need is the access to the Internet.

Fanocracy by David Meerman Scott

This product was recommended by Paige Arnof-Fenn from Mavens & Moguls

David¹s new book is a real world practitioner’s guide from someone who has lived the job from the front line, he has been there and done it so he tells it like it is not theoretically but from the trenches. The name of the game today s how to get your fans engaged online and here is the manual to do it..

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