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Understand Marketing Ethics with these Specialized Books

The Best Books for Understanding Marketing Ethics

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If you are looking to expand your knowledge on this area of Marketing then these are the subject specific books for you. Learn from professionals in this area and build your skills today.

Social Media for Direct Selling Representatives by Karen Clark

This product was recommended by Russell Nauta from CreditCardReviews

This book speaks on dos and don’s of engagement, community building, and pretty much every other aspect of social media marketing. Karen Clark has over 20 years of marketing experience and the book is not only packed with actionable strategies, the plans are very easy to implement, and the tone she uses, while technical enough, isn’t like ready a whitepaper.

Zero to One Zero To One By Peter Thiel

This product was recommended by Dipesh Purohit from Blogging Kraft

It is a great book for all the Bloggers and entrepreneurs or anyone thinking of starting a business. This book goes through all the aspects of starting a business and building it. Buried within a book on business and startups is a deep thesis about the relationship between technology, society, and our historical moment. There are subtlety and thoughtfulness that are rare in the business book Genre. In the author’s own strange but beautiful philosophy startups is a kind of salvation from societal decline and stagnation. This makes the book more interesting and important. I recommend this book for all the bloggers and entrepreneurs because it gives a new insight or perspective into business.

Psycho-Cybernetics by Dr Maltz

This product was recommended by Dipesh Purohit from Blogging Kraft

In psycho Cybernetics as its name implies, it guides you through a journey of exploring how does the human mind perceive the environment and it is psychological makeup. The thing that really impressed me was that this book is considered the guru of self-help books written since 1960, and many of the books I’ve read contained many principles Dr Maltz mentioned.

The writer was a plastic surgeon he wasn’t a psychologist. He noticed that many of his patients came to him complaining about their ugly noses or an apparent scar and believing that due to those disfigurements they had a miserable life or unsuccessful business or marriages. After the surgeries their lives changed dramatically, the question raised was, why?

The beautiful nose nor the scar changed their environment or that their IQs increased. Thus there must be something in their own minds something has to do with their own perception of the environment and attitudes towards it that changed, something that didn’t come from the outside, it came from within!

The Entrepreneur Mind by Kevin D Johnson

This product was recommended by Dipesh Purohit from Blogging Kraft

This is the real story of what it will take to succeed, from a guy that has done it. Right from the introduction, Kevin lays out the roadmap to successful entrepreneurship succinctly, directly and without hype or fluff. Elite entrepreneurs respond quickly, put their business first, consult with mentors often, hire the best team, create an environment of stressful urgency, use time wisely.

Kevin Johnson As Kevin clearly spells out, your critical thinking processes and your ability to deliver are the keys to determine your reality, not your status, standing, enthusiasm or potential. He also focuses on some of the more specific topics around your life, attitude & what it will take to develop a winning entrepreneurial mind. I reckon he might’ve also had his eye on some us older, more seasoned campaigners when he wrote this book. Kevin D Johnson’s book is without question the best I’ve read this year, and any aspiring (or struggling) entrepreneur should make this the very first book that they read before they take another single step. So do yourself a favour; learn the rules, and play. I personally liked this book a lot and It really helped a lot in my blog’s success. I recommend this book to everyone who wants to be an entrepreneur.

The 4-Hour Workweek by Timothy Ferriss

This product was recommended by Dipesh Purohit from Blogging Kraft

Timothy Ferriss’s book the Four Hour work Week is incredible in its own way. A few of the managers came back pretty impressed, so I cadged a copy off of a manager and skimmed/read it one sitting Friday night. Then add a dash of narcissistic personality disorder to get an idea of the tone of this book. The part of the book that I greatly enjoyed concerned time management and gave valuable tips on how not to be such a fucking patsy at work. He offers great advice on handling email (check only twice a day) and handling it (send clear if-then emails). But in this day of telecommuting, this is really less radical than he makes it sound. He makes a good case for quitting any job that doesn’t allow working from home on a regular basis. It’s too bad that the rest of the book couldn’t take on the same humorous and likeable tone while making its sometimes valid points. I guess you could sum up this book like this: There’s no TEAM in I. This book is one of the books that influenced me to quit everything and start a blog and it is working fine by me.

The One Thing. by Gary Keller

This product was recommended by Dipesh Purohit from Blogging Kraft

The one thing is another such book that actually changes the way you look at things. This book is really deep. While the title is easily marketable I felt the insight was really profound and one of those books I’ll definitely need to reference throughout my journey. This book goes through the mental aspect of the business and how can you focus more and more on what you do.

Practical Ethics by Pete Singer

This product was recommended by Marcus Clarke from Searchant

Ok, it IS a textbook, but it’s also extremely readable; several of the central questions of the book revolve around business and marketing, and it challenges a lot of assumptions without being obnoxious. For a marketer interested in ethical applications, this is a fantastic starter.

The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari by Robin Sharma

This product was recommended by Shiv Gupta from Incrementors

Robin Sharma is one of the industry’s top leadership experts and has worked with some of the greatest leaders and entrepreneurs. He shares some very valuable advice and insights into life and work that fit and shape you to look at your life, day, and work with deep perception and clarity.

Good to Great by Jim Collins

This product was recommended by Shiv Gupta from Incrementors

It may not be detailed about how to win your specific market or give specific answers like many other books will, but it will help you set the foundation right from the beginning and especially for leaders give you the outlook you need to be successful role models.

The Invisible Brand by William Ammerman

This product was recommended by Claudia Perez from Equiitext Conversational AI Messaging

This book explains the complex technologies of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Natural Language Process and fits them into the context of marketing. With eyes wide open to any and all the potentials of AI in marketing, Mr. Ammerman manages to present many of the ethical obstacles and implications of marketing in a future with big data, machine learning and the invisible brand automation. Great read!

Marketing Ethics by Patrick E. Murphy

This product was recommended by Dan Gower from Buddy Gardner Advertising

This book is just over 15 years old now, but it’s still relevant to marketing students and professionals. It addresses all aspects of the marketing business, and uses specific cases to illustrate points clearly. The authors do an excellent job of applying principles of ethics to marketing scenarios.

Ethical Marketing Decisions by Gene R. Laczniak

This product was recommended by Manny Hernandez from Wealth Growth Wisdom, LLC

Using content analysis method, the book summarizes the development of a framework of ethics that can be applied in almost all important fields of marketing like marketing research, product management, retailing, distribution, pricing, advertising, personal selling, international marketing, social, professional and political marketing and implementing and auditing ethics in marketing. The book is particularly useful for marketing students who want to enhance their knowledge in marketing ethics as well as marketing professionals to see ethical issues revolving around different disciplines of marketing.

The moral dimensions of marketing by D. Kirk Davidson

This product was recommended by Jenny Abouabaia from Clever Touch Marketing

The book discusses multiple real life situations in forms of essays that triggers the reader to analyze each situation deeply, the essays are categorized to many topics like pricing, advertising, privacy…etc. and each situation used in the book is easy to relate to if you are anywhere in the marketing field.

Marketing Ethics & Society by Lynne Eagle and Stephan Dahl

This product was recommended by Stephanie Lane from SafeSpaceHub

Anyone looking to ensure the success of their brand needs a quality marketing strategy in place. Problems arise when your strategy is deemed as deceptive or manipulative, so this book takes a holistic and international perspective on the ethical challenges of marketing. Accompanied by a companion website that delivers visual slides and teaching notes, you’ll have all the resources you need to ensure that you have an all-encompassing perspective on ethical marketing.

Ethical Marketing by Patrick E Murphy

This product was recommended by Naheed Mir from RugKnots

The book Ethical Marketing was exceptionally well organized and had an attraction for its readers. I’m very impressed by the effort of the author to teach the world everything he has learned. He wants to help the people to make them successful. The book helped me to understand those practices that a firm can employ to bring ethical marketing. The book starts with a conversation of applicable ethical ideas and concepts. The book assesses ethical theories and applies them in a marketing setting. This book emphasizes the positive practices that business firms can utilize to bring progressively moral marketing. Every chapter of the book finishes up with Thoughts for Ethical Marketing. Lastly, the book gives an intensive assessment of marketing ethics (promoting and focusing on business sectors), marketing research, and executing ethics into advertising associations for helping specialists and those in the business morals field.

Start Something That Matters by Blake Mycoskie

This product was recommended by Karl Armstrong from EpicWin App

What this book imparted to me is how we, as entrepreneurs, can start and run a business, while at the same time put social responsibility as the heart of our enterprise. This book inspired me to not just see business as something I can gain from, but also a resource that I can use to give back to the community. It will open your eyes to a world where financial gain and charity can coexist.

Marketing Ethics by George G.Brenkert

This product was recommended by Ahmed Ali from Heart Water

Marketing Ethics addresses head-on the ethical questions, misunderstandings, and challenges that marketing raises while defining marketing as a moral activity. A substantial introduction to the ethics of marketing, exploring the integral relations of marketing and morality. It adds direction and meaning to problems in marketing ethics through reflection on concepts such as individual choice, freedom and responsibility, desire satisfaction, noncoercive exchanges, and instrumental efficiency.

Marketing Ethics: An International Perspective by Bodo B. Schlegelmilch

This product was recommended by Ahmed Ali from Heart Water

Marketing Ethics: An International Perspective examines mainstream marketing ethics and theories, placing them in an international context. The book also investigates the means by which ethics can best be implemented into organizational/decision-making and focuses on some of the remaining challenges in business ethics. The text includes cases and key readings designed to illustrate major factors in business ethics drawn from real situations.

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