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The Only 3 Books You Need On Marketing Automation

The Top 3 Books on Marketing Automation

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Reading these 3 Books guarantees you a solid understanding of Marketing Automation. Whether you pick your favorite book from this list, or read all 3, you will learn so much about this area of Marketing.

Automate and Grow by Michael Devellano

This product was recommended by Noman Asghar from Fan Jackets

This is a must have book for all small business owners who want to take their organization to the next level. He explains the best ways to determine the your tasks related to marketing, sales and maintain the success rate.

Introduction to Algorithmic Marketing by Ilya Katsov

This product was recommended by Alex Wise from Help I’m Having Twins

We recently read the book ‘Introduction to Algorithmic Marketing Artificial Intelligence for Marketing Operations’ by Ilya Katsov and thought it was a great read for marketing strategists, product managers, data scientists, software engineers and anyone with a real interest in automated marketing. The book is great at giving you actionable and incremental steps that you can take in your own organisation to help build better insights and decision making while giving good examples of how large organisations are implementing marketing automation. A great read!

Conversational Marketing by David Cancel

This product was recommended by Rustin Chamberlain from Headstorm

As economically-impacted org’s look to quickly offload more of their workload to bots, chatbot marketing will be a new focus for many. Unlike other channels, conversational ones help interactively scale word of mouth (still the most effective marketing method). After conversations with 100’s of enterprise business leaders, I know the biggest challenges in adopting conversational marketing are integrating into existing workflows and design effective conversations. This book gives an engaging intro to both.

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