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Learn to Target Your Audience with these Books On Direct Marketing

Master Direct Marketing with these Books

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Mastering Direct Marketing has never been easier now you have this comprehensive list of the best books to help you! Take a look below to find out more details.

This is Marketing by Seth Godin

This product was recommended by Adam Sanders from Successful Release

This is a very straightforward insight into how and why people buy and change our habits. Anyone looking to improve their skills in direct marketing will learn something from this book. There are a lot of great concepts in this book and it goes into great depth when necessary to understand.

Influence by Robert Cialdini

This product was recommended by Adam Sanders from Successful Release

This is more of an in-depth look into the science of persuasion and how you can use it as a marketer. This book is a bit older than a lot of the trendy marketing books out there now but it really holds up. The six principles outlined in the book are timeless and will have major impacts on any marketing campaign you run.

Words That Sell by Richard Bayan

This product was recommended by Adam Sanders from Successful Release

This book is especially useful to direct marketers who are looking to improve their copywriting skills. It’s full of thousands of specific examples and suggestions for adjusting your copy to be more persuasive and effective. While many popular marketing books focus on theory this book focuses on specific application.

Overdeliver by Brian Kurtz

This product was recommended by Debra Jason from The Write Direction

According to my colleague Brian Kurtz, “Marketing isn’t everything. It’s the only thing.” Whether you’re new to marketing or a seasoned professional, Brian overdelivers as he takes you inside the craft of marketing to reveal (and help you use) the variety of tools at your disposal. In the foreword to the book, Jay Abraham wrote “I personally guarantee you – everyone who purchases this book and reads it all the way through, with a notepad and pen . . . that I will personally write a check for the purchase price if Brian’s ideas fail to propel a meaningful improvement in not one but at least three facets of your business.”

Breakthrough Advertising by Eugene Schwartz

This product was recommended by Debra Jason from The Write Direction

Eugene Schwartz was my mentor. He is considered a legacy in the world of direct response marketing. Martin Edelston, founder of Boardroom Inc. called this book, “the most sought after direct marketing masterpiece.”

Winning Direct Response Advertising by Joan Throckmorton

This product was recommended by Debra Jason from The Write Direction

In Joan’s own words, “this book gives you the solid basics of direct response advertising – and then some. It offers you a solid grounding (the formulas, rules, and rules for breaking rules). . . . it will guide you through the creative process from beginning to end and set you on the way to creative reasoning.

LinkedIn Content Marketing by Andrei Zinkevich

This product was recommended by Emil Zakirov from Lastingtrend

Direct marketing only works for a healthy system. This book will allow you to build a step by step system in LinkedIn. First, select the target audience. Then each of your actions on the network should be beneficial in the name of this audience. Take an active part in the life of business groups. Help your target audience in the comments, in general, show expertise.

Accumulate lots of your professional answers in discussions, turn them into expert stories. Thus, you collect a critical mass of knowledge, and people will initiate conversation themselves. The trusty system you create will breathe the same air as your clients. That is why your service offers will be perceived as a gift from above. You know exactly who you are writing to. Moreover, your image will be captured as a lifeline in the minds of your potential customers.

Meatball Sundae by Seth Godin

This product was recommended by Claire Jones from Life is a Picnic

A great read on how your marketing should work in sync with your product or service. it’s not necessarily all about technology, just re-looking at your business to make sure that you are marketing in the right way for your business, or, having the right business for your marketing. One of the best direct marketing books i have had the pleasure of reading.

Commonsense Direct and Digital Marketing by Draytin Bird

This product was recommended by Nikola Baldikov from Brosix

This book is a masterclass in demonstrating the potential for the marketing trends it describes. Included are subjects on selling propositions, planning, media, digital marketing, customer and prospect lists and ideas. Plus, there are tips on making your copy foolproof.

No B.S. Direct Marketing by Dan S. Kennedy

This product was recommended by Melanie Musson from CarInsuranceCompanies

Direct marketing can work for just about any type of business, so if you haven’t been using it, it’s time to read this book and build a firm foundation for direct marketing techniques that work. With the 10 Rules to Transforming Your Business included in the book, you have access and insight into the best tips for successful direct marketing.

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