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7 Books to Master Event Marketing

Books to Master Event Marketing

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Reading these books will allow you to master Event Marketing by using the advice of experts in this field. With these books there is nothing stopping you from becoming the next expert!

The Art of Gathering by Priya Parke

This product was recommended by Flynn Zaiger from Optimistic About Houston Content Marketing

When you’re looking for the top books to buy in event marketing, you don’t want to focus on just the ones that discuss the end result of event marketing: selling tickets. Instead, it’s more important for you to understand all of the reasons around how people make purchasing decisions concerning events.

To do this, you should have more knowledge of how humans interact and think about events. Priya’s seminal book on the top, The Art of Gathering, goes into the science behind how we see events. Reading it is a surefire way to give you a step up on your event competition.

Event Marketing by C. A. Preston

This product was recommended by Stephanie Lane from SafeSpaceHub

This book is all about helping you figure out how to make your event stand out. It explains to readers what event marketing actually is and how it has changed over the years. In this book, Preston elaborates on corporate and sponsorship branding while covering marketing for various types of events such as festivals, social functions, and corporate and association events.

With case studies and discussion questions for each chapter, this book will give you lots to think about event marketing.

This product was recommended by Ana Duperval from Svperdvperfly

I reside in one of the entertainment capitals of the world, Orlando FL, and have had so many grand experiences not only because I live there but because I am an event manager there. The variety of events that happen on the daily not only require creativity but also business acumen. Whether it’s a small event or on a much bigger scale, the day-of logistics are just about the same.

Even so, many of us in the industry know that there are several components involved when it comes to marketing an event amongst plenty others. One of which includes leveraging sponsors. That is why I am suggesting this book; it is a phenomenal guide to acquiring sponsors for any of your events AND is an easy read.

Plain and simple, events cost money, and so being able to pitch correctly to big business not only help you cover costs but help you reach a much bigger audience. A top brand gives credibility and therefore makes the task of promoting an event easier, thus helping scale it’s turnout. In this day and age whether your event is live or virtual, the book is a great tool in making it successful and enjoyable for guests and sponsors alike. The book is great for referencing back to whenever you decide to plan an event of your own as well. The author speaks from her own experience on how she was able to acquire her first $10,000 sponsor and build a highly anticipated event in New York. Besides having actionable steps, another reason I highly recommend SPONSORED is because it can be accompanied with a course/membership to support you in securing those brands.

Event Planning by Alex Genadinik

This product was recommended by Ali Rizvi from Dream Superhero

In this book you will learn how to put on a successful event series that can generate revenue.

The Event Professional’s Handbook by Debs Armstrong

This product was recommended by Avinash Chandra from BrandLoom

This is one book that will make you want to be part of the event planning or marketing industry. It takes you on a journey of how one conceives, plans, coordinates and promotes events successfully. It’s a collage of ideas and professional opinions that will redefine the way you approach marketing. The book will take you through the techniques of some of the most stellar performers in the event industry and treat you to the event industries’ most happening trends. It is a useful and highly informative compilation which gives a bird’s eye view of the event marketing sector.

Event Marketing by Leonard H. Hoyle

This product was recommended by Avinash Chandra from BrandLoom

This insightful book gives a lot of information on event management and marketing with special focus on sponsorships, basic PR, market segmentation analysis, and promotions. What is exciting about the book is that it gives a broader perspective on conducting events of a larger and more extravagant scale as does it delve into the basic of marketing conferences and campaigns. It offers an advanced lesson in the marketing for specific events, like association meetings, conferences, corporate meetings and even festivals. The book is a must-have for anyone working or already employed in the event marketing industry. The book also interestingly keeps in touch with the changing trends and suggests strategies to keep up with it.

Event Planning by Alex Genadinik

This product was recommended by Avinash Chandra from BrandLoom

Advertising and marketing are growing in popularity today. It is here that the book answers some of the fundamental questions about event planning and marketing. These are discussed in dedicated sections including What is Event Marketing?, Things You Should Remember When Planning an Event, Questions To Ask Oneself when Marketing Your Event, and Making Your Event Popular and Recurring. This book uses simple language to explain abstract concepts. The idea behind the book is not only to make the event a huge success but to look into the long-term and want the audience to leave with a lasting memory that will make them come back to your business time and again. The book is short and to the point, so you don’t waste time toiling to get to the gist of things.

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