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Learn to Keep Your Customers with these Books On Loyalty Marketing

The Best Books to Learn about Loyalty Marketing

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Get Expert advice from these books to improve your Loyalty Marketing. These 5 books are all that you need to get a solid understanding of this aspect of marketing. Take a look below.

Hooked by Nir Eyal

This product was recommended by Gary from GamersByNight

Marketing can be an expensive proposition even for the largest of firms. Which is why Nir Eyal advocates the use of hooks to get people to create certain habits that become part of their lifestyle. These hooks are designed to get people to naturally love using the products as part of their daily lives. It’s certainly not easy to do, but this book is one of the best ones out there that gets close to really cracking the code on lifestyle marketing. A definite read for entrepreneurs and marketing managers alike.

Game-Based Marketing by Gabe Zichermann

This product was recommended by Norhanie Pangulima from Hernorm

If you believe that loyalty can be gained through rewards and contests, then this book is for you. This book discusses in great detail how gaming mechanics can be applied in marketing to gain customer loyalty like the avid gamers patronizing games like World of Warcraft and Farmville. This innovative book will teach you the necessary learnings in order to play this marketing game.

Loyalty Marketing for the Internet Age by Kathleen Sindell

This product was recommended by Norhanie Pangulima from Hernorm

While banking on loyalty in order to establish long-term relationships has long been a staple fact when it comes to marketing, the emergence of the world wide web or simply put, the internet, is a game-changer. The methods that were in use before the internet age are still applicable for some, but for most, the internet has quickly changed the ways in which loyalty can be gained. Through this book, you’ll be acquainted with the strategies you’ll need in order to succeed in loyalty marketing in this modern day and age.

Never Lose a Customer Again by Joey Coleman

This product was recommended by Rick Wallace from Tackle Village

The premise to this book is deceptively simple: there are some key things a company must do in the first 100 days after someone buys a product to avoid that customer never wanting to shop with them again. Joey Coleman is a consultant and podcaster and globally renowned expert on customer experience whose insights are sought by a variety of Fortune 500 firms.

In Never Lose a Customer Again he has distilled the key lessons from a career spent working with major multinational companies to retain customers into eight key emotional phases that a customer goes through after a purchase. He explains how to maximum the chances of retaining that customer throughout this journey. Coleman’s argument that we spend too much time and attention on winning customers and not enough on retaining existing customers is persuasive, and any marketers or entrepreneurs will get immense benefit from this book.

Brand Storytelling by Miri Rodriguez

This product was recommended by Mathew Peter from Ownage Fashion

The book helps you understand essential story telling technique that brands can use to communicate with their customers and earn loyalty.

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