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Walk Yourself through Digital Marketing with these Books For Beginners

The Best Starter Books on Digital Marketing

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Starting to learn about Digital Marketing can be daunting without a little guidance, so these are the starter books that we recommend to get you going. You’ll be an expert in no time!

This Is Marketing by Seth Godin

This product was recommended by Nick Bond from Renovation 320

This book does an amazing job walking you through how to have empathy for the audience you are trying to connect with in any industry.

Marketing 4.0 by Iwan Setiawan

This product was recommended by Jane Flanagan from Tacuna Systems

This book is excellent for beginners in the field of marketing, as well as traditional marketers who are venturing into the vast world of digital marketing. Written by three great marketers, this book masterfully covers the concepts of digital marketing and teaches how to navigate tricky topics such as privacy, psychology and ethics.

The Art of Digital Marketing by Ian Dodson

This product was recommended by Jeneva Aaron from TheHouseWire

This book provides a great starting point for any beginner diving into the world of digital marketing, and is full of insightful information, an overview of the various channels, and real world examples of industry best practices. This is certainly a book you’ll find yourself pulling back off the shelf to reference on a regular basis.

Digital Marketing for Dummies by Russ Henneberry

This product was recommended by Samuel Waihenya from Index Scholar

This book is Digital Marketing on steroids! I learnt everything I know today about Digital Marketing from Russ and Ryan. It’s a really pleasant read, teaching people how to leverage digital marketing tactics and strategies to grow a bigger brand, increase audience engagement as well as how to effectively grow a subscriber base and monetize one. It’s also a book tailor made for today’s marketer, as it takes into account the ascendency of electronic media and the increasingly competitive business environment that exists today.

The Icarus Deception by Seth Godin

This product was recommended by Joseph Piñeiro from 360training

The Icarus Deception is an excellent choice for marketing students, as it makes clear that risk is inherent to marketing. One of the most critical lessons a marketer must learn is they are to be successful is that following conventional wisdom and conforming to what is already being done will lead to diminishing returns and, eventually, depreciation. Unlike Icarus, a marketer must learn how to fly close to the Sun without burning a wing.

Content Inc., by Joe Pulizzi

This product was recommended by Matthew Myre from Berri Properties

Content Inc. was one of the most instrumental keys to my success as a real estate agent. Joe Pulizzi lays out the foundation of a successful content marketing plan that can truly change your business. I started implementing his strategies immediately, being sure to follow his steps in order. Within four months, I was already ranking my website near the top of Google’s search results in my market via blogging. It’s an absolute game-changer for anyone looking to become amazing marketers.

Search Engine Optimisation Secrets by Danny Dover

This product was recommended by Sam Sheppard from Cabana

It’s a fantastic book for beginners. Due to the way SEO changes at a rapid pace some parts are a little outdated, but it still teaches all the absolute fundamentals of SEO which remain true to this day. I’ve since given my copy to juniors team members and they’ve also found it really useful. I think what makes *SEO Secrets* so good is that it takes really complex, technical parts of SEO that can be difficult for anyone to grasp (nevermind a beginner!) and then explains them in such a simple, easy-to-understand way. And for the most part it explains these concepts without using SEO jargon, or at least explains any jargon it does use. Overall it’s just a great beginner resource for anyone starting out.

They Ask You Answer by Marcus Sheridan

This product was recommended by Boyd Norwood from Nozzle

This book teaches new and experienced marketers alike to understand the importance of building trust with their buyers by answering all of their questions. Marcus saved his struggling pool business by doing just that. Creating content in the form of blog posts, articles, videos, emails, ebooks, guides, pdf’s, that can be shared with your target audience at each stage of their buyer’s journey makes it way easier to close the deal. Not every company will immediately provide the resources necessary to accomplish this but this book teaches you how to get the buy-in you need. This is a must read for all digital marketers.

Building A Storybrand Pb by Donald Miller

This product was recommended by Bernie Wong from Social Stand

Marketing and selling is no longer just a price or quality war, it is important to have a brand, and tell a brand story on different media to engage with target customers. This book is a practical guide not just to service or product only, but also to a company. Marketer nowadays should be a good storyteller, this is the book to guide you creating your very own story brand.

Marketing Automation Unleashed Strategic Path to B2B Growth by Casey Cheshire

This product was recommended by Casey Cheshire from CaseyCheshire

B2B marketing is complex, there are several buyers involved in one deal and it takes a robust technology stack to nurture and manage the lead to revenue process. Marketing Automation Unleashed gives marketers a roadmap of how to use marketing automation to best target their buyers, activate their content, align with sales, and drive more leads to build more pipeline. The book is filled with practical takeaways and memorable anecdotes for readers to start utilizing its tactics in their own businesses. It is one that every B2B marketer should read.

SOSTAC – Guide To Your Perfect Digital Marketing Plan by Mr P R Smith

This product was recommended by Ryan Scollon from RyanScollon

With so many options and tactics in digital marketing, it’s important to not get sidetracked and to focus on the things that will make the most difference and align with your goals. The SOSTAC book is great way to learn and implement a full digital marketing plan from top to bottom

Digital Marketing for Dummies by Ryan Deiss

This product was recommended by Deepa Jatania from E-Intelligence

I have read this book. Digital Marketing is explained in a simple and friendly way for the beginners. It contains everything for beginners from SEO, SEM to Content Marketing to Influencer Marketing. By reading this book, beginners can get best out of their digital marketing campaigns. Try this guide!

Art of Social Media by Guy Kawasaki

This product was recommended by Sarah Walters from The Whit Group

There are some practical social media tips, but the overwhelming focus on content and content creation is the beating heart of this book, and I’ve seen a lot of practical value in applying that principle. Create professional, appealing content, and work from there!

Click Millionaires by Scott Fox

This product was recommended by Sanjay Patoliya from Teclogiq

Running a successful business from your home office, the beach, or wherever you desire while earning great passive income from it is the new dream of many people. And Scott Fox explains how he and anyone can do it through his best-selling book, Click Millionaires. Scott shows you how starting an online lifestyle business are easier and cheaper than you ever think. This will help the beginner whether they want to learn digital marketing and find a digital marketing job or they want to start their online business.

The Circle of Profit by Anik Singal

This product was recommended by Sanjay Patoliya from Teclogiq

The Circle of Profit is one of the best books that is highly recommended for every beginner who wanted to start building an online business. The shares how Anik builds his million dollars online business empire and he also shares how you can do it as well. Overall, this book focuses on list building. Anik shares his technique of how he builds his list using simple landing pages to capture leads, and then turn those leads into profitable customers.

Regardless of whether you have your own products or without, Anik explains how one can exploit and build a digital publishing business through affiliate marketing. The Circle of Profit will show you exactly how you can set up a landing page to capture leads and how you can run your promotion to build a responsive list.

Besides that, Anik also shares his personal story of how he made in the cyber world. The Circle of Profit actually focuses on five main sections. First, you will learn how to find information that people need. And then you will learn to provide valuable information to the market. Third, you will discover some powerful marketing system that Anik uses and promote other people’s products. Fourth, Anik shares with you how you can create your own information product and sells it for higher profit and build your own brand. And finally, you just need to rinse and repeat and keep your business alive for as long as it goes.

Social Media Marketing by Steven Cooper

This product was recommended by Chris Riley from USARx

I’m no expert on digital marketing, but I’ve learned a lot from Social Media Marketing: The 2021’s Ultimate Best Strategies. It’s more of a layman’s introduction, and it covers everything, so it’s not terrbily in-depth. But for a helpful overview packed with interesting tips and tidbits, you can’t go wrong.

Marketing 4.0 by Philip Kotler

This product was recommended by Nikola Baldikov from Brosix

This is the much-needed handbook for next-generation marketing. Written by the world’s leading marketing authorities, this book helps you navigate the increasingly connected world and changing consumer landscape to reach more customers, more effectively.

Becoming A Digital Marketer by Gil Gildner

This product was recommended by D. Gilson from QuickQuote

I like this digital marketing guide for two main reasons. First, it focuses on both the hard and soft skills one needs to be successful in the digital marketing field, something that few books I’ve encountered do. Secondly, the book is written by two successful digital marketers who have formed their own successful company, Discosloth, that allows them to work digitally and have a true travelers’ lifestyle. I’m envious of them, and who better to learn from?

Then We Set His Hair on Fire by Phil Dusenberry

This product was recommended by Immy Ransom from Digital Silk

This is not a digital marketing book, but it is for those who are starting out in the marketing, i.e. advertising business, be it digital or traditional. The author was a Chairman and Chief Creative Officer of BBDO; In his book, he shares the mechanisms that guided his creative decisions – the principles that any aspiring or seasoned marketer should adopt in their approach to strategy and creative process. Dusenberry’s goal in this book is to help the reader find the path to the AHA! moment – the moment of insight that sparked all the greatest campaigns out there, some of which are in the author’s own portfolio.

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