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Top Christian Marriage Books For God-Fearing Wives

The Christian faith leads us to more meaningful places in our relationships and lifestyle. These books are at the forefront of this mission.

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Even with the right intentions from both sides, marriage is a difficult path to take. That’s why Christianity has been the guiding light for Christian couples. 

The books in our list have changed little things here and there in our relationship thanks to the guidance of God. These books rely heavily on the His word, and have transformative effects on relationships (we’ve looked at the testimonies).

So take a look at our descriptions of each book and decide which suits your situations’ strengths and challenges.

Pause 2 Praise by Lisa Swift-Young

This product was recommended by Lisa Swift-Young from Change We Seek Publishing

This is a great book for wives who want to bring their families together in a more positive way. As wives, we are often called upon to set the tone for our families. This collaborative mindfulness practice encourages an attitude of gratitude that ushers peace and prosperity into your home. The easy Pause 2 Praise practice is an excellent way to reframe and refocus your day. Throughout the book, there are scriptures, quotes, and activities that are great for engaging husbands’, children and church communities.

Hot, Holy, and Humorous by J. Parker

This product was recommended by Gaye Christmus from CalmHealthySexy

Far too often, Christian women receive a barrage of negative messages about sex – and very few positive messages. J. Parker turns that norm on its head and presents an entire book full of encouraging tips, advice, and wisdom for women who want to enjoy a great sex life in their marriage – but aren’t sure how or where to begin. She lays out the Biblical case that great sex should be the norm for both wives and husbands, dispels the negative stereotypes that so many women have heard all their lives, and offers simple steps for getting started and then growing a great sex life.

Thirty-One Prayers For My Husband by Jennifer Smith

This product was recommended by Katie Dames from Feely Feelings

One of the most essential components of sustaining a Christian marriage is prayer. This book is carefully compiled to guide you to pray for aspects of your husband’s life that you might not have thought of. ‘Thirty One Prayers For My Husband’ leads you down the path to becoming a more Godly wife.

The Esther Anointing y Michelle McClain-Walters

This product was recommended by Sara Marcum from QuickQuote

The role of women has always been a huge subject. If we try to stand on our own, we are feminists and if we depend on men then we are weak. It is a no win situation in life with how the gender roles are laid out. This book describes how Esther rose up and carried out the plan that God laid before her. She knew that she was destined to do something more than everyone else thought she was supposed to do. It is inspirational to think that we all have a plan in the eyes of God and we need to listen in order to go forth and carry it out.

Bible Journaling for the Fine Artist by Melissa Fischer

This product was recommended by Lydia Anderson from The Quarto Group

Explore your faith artistically with Bible Journaling for the Fine Artist-a guide that goes beyond doodling and lettering to teach you to make fine art prayer journals, daily devotionals, and more. Beginning with a brief introduction to Bible journaling, this valuable guide explores various media, including colored pencils, pen and ink, brush pens, and watercolor paint, and how to use them. You will find dozens of step-by-step tutorials for drawing and painting beautiful artwork related to meaningful Bible passages, as well as plenty of ideas and techniques for applying lettering, flourishes, icons, and embellishments to your artwork for maximum impact. There are tips for creating compelling layouts, reworking and embracing mistakes, and several step-by-step projects for you to incorporate into your own Bible or prayer journal. Two talented and dynamic artists show how they integrate their own style and artistry with their faith through a variety of art journaling projects, from full-page masterpieces to smaller artwork in the margins and on the covers of their journals.

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