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Best Books For Teaching Your 5 Year Old Christian Values

These books beautifully provide the answers everyone struggles to give to your little kid

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It’s surprising how much five year older understand about the world. These books are also a perfect way to quench their thirst for knowledge. 

Christianity captivates us adults, but for kids it does even more. Imagine hearing the teachings and values God sets upon us for the first time? Yep. That’s why these age-appropriate Christian books are so impressive. They digest complicated life guidances for children to understand and use in their daily lives.

So, there’s nothing to wait for – provide a solid starting point for your 5 year old by reading with them any one of these special books.

If I Could Ask G-d Anything? By Kathryn Slattery

This product was recommended by Katie Dames from Feely Feelings

Your never too young to learn about faith and show a curiosity in God’s world. Slattery tackles kids tough questions such as “where is God?” and “why should I go to church?”, among other deep and insightful questions that 5 year-olds may have. Even if your child isn’t faced with these questions, getting answers before your stuck can help build your child’s spiritual path at a young age.

A Call from Above by Tom Aish

This product was recommended by Alisa DeMarco from Lucid Books

A Call from Above is an imaginary story, a Jesus-style parable, about the life of Sonny, a baby eagle who grows up in a chicken coop. A lot has been cast in Sonny’s life, and now he has to figure out who he really is. Does God have a special purpose and plan for Sonny? This story will entertain and teach parents and children as it draws them to reflect on the true meaning of life, our place in the world, and our destiny and calling.

Your Parents’ Loveby Abbie Mabary

This product was recommended by Alisa DeMarco from Lucid Books

Your Parents’ Loveby Abbie Mabary

There are many unknowns when you begin your foster care journey. Your Parents’ Love is a tool to help parents open a conversation with their children about what can be expected when welcoming new kiddos into their home. Throughout all the changes that are to come, children will be reassured that they are always loved by their parents.

Little Pete’s Great Big Life Lesson by Joanna Zeiner

This product was recommended by Alisa DeMarco from Lucid Books

It’s a sad day for Little Pete when he is taken from the warmth of his kennel by a stranger. The last words he hears his momma say are, Be yourself, and you will find a home for your heart. What does that mean? Little Pete settles into life on a horse farm with his new owner Danny Boy, but he continues to question, What does it mean to be yourself?

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