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Best Books For 3 Year Olds With Christian Values

We’re extremely impressed by these age appropriate yet important books!

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These books form the beginning of a perfect start for a 3 year old’s meaningful life. With Christian values present at the start of life, your child will keep them close to his or her heart. 

These books are written in such a way that guides the little one in their everyday actions, from forgiveness to sharing and caring. As the child develops, their understanding that it’s not all about them emerges. That’s where a subtle introduction to Christian values using these books is ideal.

We really loved reading these books even as adults, and can definitely recommend them to be great additions to your kid’s bookshelf.

Where Is God? by Bracha Goetz

This product was recommended by Bracha Goetz from Spiritual Books

This simple and delightful picture book provides a sweet and satisfying answer to the question that children often ask, helping young children’s souls to shine.

The Lightlings by R.C. Sproul

This product was recommended by James Hyslop from The Coffee Folk

In this brilliant little book Pastor R. C. Sproul tells the story of a group of beings called the ‘lightlings’ who disobey their king and wander into darkness before being rescued by the Son of light. This is a wonderful little story which uses the idea of the lightlings to tell the story of the bible from creation, to fall, to rescue. It is well written with beautiful pictures and is a great resource to help your children understand the story of the bible and the key concepts like sin and rescue. A great book that kids love and that often challenges parents as well!

The Jesus Storybook Bible by Sally Lloyd-Jones

This product was recommended by James Hyslop from The Coffee Folk

This is a fantastic book which tells a range of bible stories with a focus on how they point to or reveal Jesus. This is a great option for parents looking for a children’s bible for their 3-4 year olds. It is definitely aimed at children who are no longer toddlers but can deal bigger ideas and more content. It has fun and helpful pictures on each page and our three year old has come to look forward to listening to it every night. But what really makes this a great children’s bible is its focus on Jesus. This is the sort of book that teaches parents as well as children how to read their bibles. So if you are looking for a resource to help your children understand the bible, then this is a great way to do that.

The Berenstain Bears by Mike Berenstein

This product was recommended by James Hyslop from The Coffee Folk

This is a bit of a fun read with a good lesson for lovers of the Berenstain Bears. This story follows Brother and Sister through a series of disappointments that ruin their day and cause them to ask why so much bad stuff is happening to them. The story then answers that even when bad things happen it is not because God doesn’t love us, but we can trust that God has a plan and works all things for good. This is a fun way to help your children understand and think through what we should do when bad things happen. So if your children already enjoy adventures in bear country then this is a must have!

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