Security In The Digital World Book Review

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Security in the Digital World Book Summary:

This must-have guide features simple explanations, examples, and advice to help you be security-aware online in the digital age. Learn how to:

  • Keep your information secure
  • Put the necessary controls on your home network, protecting your family from cyber crime
  • Prevent identity theft when shopping online or using contactless payment
  • Keep your children safe when using the Internet.

Security in the Digital World Book Review:

Prevention is better than cure: The enemies of our times are online. We only attempt to draw attention to the issues associated with the digital world and a lot of people these days do not care about security as long as they can have fun online. It is only when the security has gone that we experience repercussions.

The author,  Graham Day, has succeeded in capturing the importance of online security, and it is not only technology, but also our sense of responsibility as human beings, which we need to draw from our books as we plunge ourselves into a cyber world. There are several instances of digital thefts and online frauds when our personal information has been disclosed online, and the book does a good job in coming out with solutions to guarantee security in the digital world.

The author takes you through the basics of online security, from buying a computer to installing security software and even placing the firewall in the correct position. It gives you a broad outlook on security in the digital world and makes it easier for you to know how to secure yourself and keep your family safe from online intrusions.

It serves as a guide for the security professionals or the layman, and it comes through as an invaluable resource if you want to know some of the basics of internet security.

More so, the language is clear to comprehend and the examples are helpful. The book is written in a very light tone, and most of us will find great value in the suggestions outlined. It is definitely a must-have book.

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