PRINCE2 In Action – Project Management In Real Terms Book Review

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This step-by-step guide:

Explains the principles of PRINCE2 in straightforward, manageable chunks

Emphasises how to apply PRINCE2 in practice, using real-life examples

Is written by an experienced PRINCE2 practitioner and trainer, so you can be sure that the information is based upon approaches that work

Gives clear explanations and practical illustrations in each section

Explains how to effectively apply PRINCE2’s principles, themes, and processes to your projects and other real-world scenarios

Has been updated for PRINCE2 2017

PRINCE2 in Action – Project management in real terms Book Review:

For several years I have been following, studying and experiencing PRINCE2 in its many forms. Following studying the PRINCE2 book and training with a PRINCE2 workshop provider I still have the need for a more real-world approach to the information. Quite a few years back I took a first steps towards this by getting a PRINCE2 Foundation and Practitioner Diploma. Whilst this was good it was a long and arduous process. Not only that but it wasn’t really flexible and could sometimes be way too time consuming.

When I saw this book available I simply had to get it. PRINCE2 in Action is one of the best PRINCE2 books I’ve ever read. When you read it, you immediately get the idea that it is written by an experienced PRINCE2 user. I am a huge fan of the current PRINCE2 2017 standard, although this book’s earlier version is written for PRINCE2 2009 . For the most part, however, the concepts and ideas don’t seem to have changed all that much, and the book is a more than useful addition to my library and for my business.

As you read this, you get the idea that every author can relate to the theory presented in the book. It is not a far off concept that is hard to relate to. From the time/cost management theme that the authors describe you can really understand and get the most value from the book. This book will give you the exact ideas and tools you need to fully understand Project Management.

Written in a clear and simple style, you can get through the chapters at your own pace and can keep coming back to it whenever you may need assistance. With this book you will manage to develop your project management skills. The skills will be implemented on all your future projects with skill and experience. You can follow the style of the author whilst continuing to use your own ideas and proposals to the project.

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