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Essential Books You Must Read In 2023: 5 Books You Must Own

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A well-written bucket list may inspire us to live an ideal life and help us accomplish our goals and objectives. For book lovers, a bucket list helps to know the recent books to read, which is quite appealing. It helps add exciting books to our must-read list, which we can always turn to whenever we want to read something new and captivating. A list of books to choose from will help to keep you entertained during your travels and free time. It makes you organize books you would want to read chronologically.

To make these lists, you need to conduct research and go through book reviews to develop an interest in reading them. This article has made it simpler for you as it contains book reviews of five books you must read in 2023.

Spare by Prince Harry

In his memoir, Prince Harry details his conflicts with the British monarchy’s institution and the relentless abuse he has faced from the country’s tabloids. In addition, he discusses his marriage to Meghan Markle and the rumoured conflicts he had with his father, King Charles, and brother, Prince William. More in-depth than some readers would anticipate, his narrative starts with recollections of his mother’s untimely death in 1997 before going on to his mediocre education at Eton and his fantastic career in the British Army.

The story regularly sheds vivid light on the monarchy’s inner workings and the different characters involved. In and outside of the British monarchy, Prince Harry’s book is a horrific, self-serving chronicle of life. Although his writing may be harsher toward his father and brother than toward others, such as Queen Elizabeth, it also offers fascinating views into people like Prince Philip and Camilla, the queen’s consort. The author’s stories are dependably compelling, and the writing is. They show that he has always loved and will always adore his motherland and his family.

Scarne’s Complete Guide to Gambling, John Scarne

If you like to play online games, this book is for you. The world’s leading authority on gambling and card magic, John Scarne, wrote John Scarne’s Comprehensive Guide to Gamble in 1961. It offers details about the gambling background, its laws, winning ways, mathematical aspects of the game, and even cheating techniques. With tales and people he has encountered over his career as a gambling specialist, Scarne also offers gaming advice and insider information which you can use when playing on online sites such as, among others. His numerous writings continue to transmit his wisdom and spirit.

The Survivalist by Kashana Cauley

Aretha, an ambitious Black lawyer, is drawn into the extralegal schemes of Brooklyn preppers in this first novel by a former writer for The Daily Show with Trevor Noah. She meets Aaron, who runs Tactical Coffee, a Brooklyn-based coffee roaster and wholesaler, and his unconventional housemates, Brittany and James. Despite potential red flags, Aretha finds a kindred soul in Aaron, who both lost their parents at a young age.

The two embrace healthy scepticism without falling to full-blown paranoia. Aretha throws herself into Tactical Coffee’s behind-the-scenes operations until she is entangled in the group’s not-exactly-legal gun-running. In his debut book, Cauley strikes a delicate mix between comedy and drama, conspiracy and logic, and meticulous planning and complete disaster. The workplace settings are genuine because of Cauley’s background working as an antitrust attorney in Manhattan, and her comic writing skills are evident in the characters she creates.


These book reviews offer you a glimpse of the content of these legendary books. They enable you to develop an interest in the books, helping you determine whether or not to bucket list them.

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