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How To Find The Best Books About Menorahs In London

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A Menorah is Hebrew for a lamp. It’s a multi-branched candelabra utilized in religious rituals of Judaism. There are two kinds of Menorah known to man and used until now. They are the Seven-branch Menorah and the Nine-branch Menorah.

Seven-branch Menorah

The seven-branch Menorah is called Temple Menorah. It has three candles on each side and one in the middle. According to ancient Hebrew teachings, Menorah is a symbol of deep understanding. The candle on the center of the Menorah symbolizes the love and guidance of God flowing to the other six candles. In Judaism, light is commonly associated with wisdom and higher partaking of spiritual knowledge. The seven branches signify ‘completion’. In Judaism, number seven is a repeated theme and deeply rooted in the religion. The seven days the world was created by God, the holy Sabbath which is the seventh day of the week when God took his rest, and Shiva, the seven days of formalized mourning which starts on the first day after the burial of a deceased person.

The Menorah is made up of pure gold, a metaphor for perfection. It calls attention to the importance of striving to achieve perfection of character so that you may shine and give light to others. This particular Menorah became the symbol of Judaism and the official emblem of Israel, which can be found in coins and printed on their passports.

Nine-branch Menorah

This Menorah is called Hannukah Menorah or Chanukiah. This is the lamp that the Jews light during the eight days celebration of Hannukah. This Menorah has eight candles, four on each side, with a taller one called the ‘helper’ candle or shamash in the middle. Menorahs are only lighted with the purest and highest quality olive oil.

Hannukah is an important occasion for the Jews. This celebration commemorates the freedom of Israel from the cruel hands of the Seleucids led by King Antiochus. This king forced the Jews to believe and worship Greek Gods and destroyed the temples they built. A small army led by Judah Maccabee fought the large army of Antiochus and won. To celebrate victory, they found a Menorah in the ruins of the temple but with oil that would only last for a day, they lit it anyway and the Menorah miraculously burned for eight days. This began the celebration of Hannukah.

If you’re on a hunt to find the best books about Menorahs while in London, you’ll be delighted to know that London has several places where you can find books. London is actually a haven for bookworms and collectors. You may visit a trusted store that has the latest Menorahs for sale if you want to know more about Menorahs.

Here are a few ways on how to find the best books about Menorahs in London.

1. Visit the Biggest Bookshop in Europe

Waterstone’s Piccadilly is the largest bookshop in all of Europe, and it’s located at Piccadilly St., James’s London. It houses more than 200,000 collections spread across six huge floors. When you head over to the fourth floor, you’ll see books related to religion, languages, and business books. I’m sure there’ll be more than one exciting book about Menorah there that you can find.

Antique book market in London. Focus on books.

2.Scour the Second-hand Bookshops

London abounds with interesting second-hand bookshops where you can find rare books and some collector pieces. Many second-hand shops in London pride themselves on being carefully curated to please the most demanding book lover. Second-hand books come with their history. And many collectors marvel at the feel of the pages, more so if they have relevant writings or markings on the books’ pages that could reveal important information about the book you’re reading.

A book-hunt could also be considered an adventure. In London, one famous second-hand book shop floats on a barge that they call the floating bookshop. Aside from books, you may also come across a guitar performance while you’re browsing for titles.

3. Hit the Vintage Bookshops

Visit the distinguished streets of Mayfair, where you’ll find Henry Sotheran’s, the oldest, established antiquarian bookseller in the world. And surprise yourself with maybe an antique book about Menorahs and more books about Judaism.

4. Attend The London Bookfair

The Bloomsbury Bookfair is monthly event bibliophiles love to attend in London. It’s extremely popular because not only do they offer books but they also have manuscripts, postcards, and maps that collectors would be excited about.

5. Visit The Book Market Under The Waterloo Bridge

Rummaging through rows of books on tables set under the historical Waterloo bridge with the view of the River Thames is an extraordinary encounter, one you surely won’t forget. It’s a unique book-hunting experience that’s literally one for the books. Just pray it won’t rain.


Finding information about a single crucial religious artifact is essential to Jewish culture and tradition. Jews are serious about traditions and give importance to adherence to beliefs and practices. Menorahs, in particular, are relevant to both ancient and modern Jews as it represents a huge part of their religion. Menorah as a symbol of enlightenment has inspired many. The flickering of flames from the eight candles during Hannukah is said to reflect many areas of the life of a Jew, and how it positively radiates and affect each other.

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