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Top 10 Useful Books for Students

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Students read a lot: it’s hard to argue with this fact. But they mostly read some textbooks, monographs, and scientific articles. Of course, this is necessary and important, but there are other lists of books for any self-respecting student to read. Reading various literature helps students to be more successful at University, if they still struggle they can pay for essays online.

I have carefully studied such lists and selected the 10 best books for you.

Top 10 books for students of any type of study

This list contains really important books that may be useful not only for students. The books are not arranged by rating but in a free order.

1. Psychology of Paul Kleiman

Everyone needs to understand psychology, including students. This book helps you to start studying psychology and tells you how one of the oldest sciences developed.

In an easy and memorable manner, the author talks about Freud, Rorscharch, Levin, and other prominent psychologists and their most popular works.

2. How the economy of Ha-Jun Chang works

From the book, you will learn where economic knowledge came from, how the economy has developed and is developing, and how it affects life today. It is important that the author of the book does not single out anyone’s economic theory, but considers and compares different points of view.

You will also understand how the world economy works and what impact it has on our lives. Everything that the author of the book — a leading Cambridge specialist – writes about cannot yet be found in economics textbooks. This is valuable.

3. Aristotle for all by Mortimer Adler

Aristotle was a philosopher, logician, politician, etc. He “inherited” almost all the leading sciences and became a teacher for many scientists after him.

The book explains the main ideas of Aristotle, which, according to Adler, are not abstract, but practical and relevant.

You will find out what the great scientist thought about eternity, consciousness, religion, infinity, and other important and complex things.

4. The magic of numbers by Arthur Benjamin and Michael Shermer

The description says that this book is about instant calculations and other mathematical tricks. Read it if you think math is boring.

The book has a practical purpose: to teach you to count in your mind faster than using various devices, as well as to memorize large numbers. There are special techniques that you will learn about from the book.

5. Peter Camp’s Speed Reading

How to memorize more by reading 8 times faster? This question is posed by the author and successfully answered at the end.

The book presents methods and exercises that will help you cope with the endless flow of information, read and memorize more than before. These skills are especially useful for students who need to read a lot.

I like the accessibility of this book and the methods presented in it: everyone can learn to read quickly without much time, without losing quality.

You will be able to immediately put your skills into practice, control your reading speed, independently determine the pace of learning, and complete practical tasks.

6. Memory does not change Angel Navarro

In the book, the author suggests solving problems and puzzles for the development of intelligence and memory. You will learn what properties the brain has, how to make the memory more durable with the help of various puzzles.

The author of the book is a psychologist who claims that the process of improving memory is not just possible, but also fascinating.

Are you ready to train your brain by solving tasks and performing exercises? Then buy or download the book and start the tasks. The book is suitable for everyone, regardless of age and ability to remember.

A useful book for students who have to memorize a lot of information and prepare for exams.

7. Igor Mann’s No. 1

The book answers the question of how to become better at what you do. And most importantly, it teaches you to set goals and achieve them. After reading the book, you will have a plan and a consistent algorithm of actions to achieve your goals.

This is a kind of motivator and controller of ambitions. If you have leadership qualities, then the book will help you uncover them.

It is good for students because it helps them to study more effectively and perform all the tasks of teachers.

8. The Art of reading Thomas Foster

The book teaches you to understand books, no matter how strange they may sound. We are talking about works of art that are not always clear. Every work of literature contains symbols that are important to unravel to understand the meaning.

Thomas Foster’s Guide to the World of Literature helps to find and decipher such symbols. And all this is presented pleasantly and easily that does not require superpowers and a high level of intelligence.

Do you want to read and understand the meaning of what you read? This book will help.

9. Mortimer Adler’s Six Great Ideas

Another Adler book is on this list. And it is clear why: the book simply and clearly explains the key world ideas like justice, order, equality, beauty, and others.

All of humanity stands on such ideas, so understanding them is the key to a harmonious life and getting closer to understanding it (although it is impossible to fully comprehend life).

The book is for those who are looking for answers to difficult questions.

10. 168 hours: you have more time than you think laura vanderkam

Of all the books in the field of time management, I will single out this one, because the weekly approach to time management is something new and interesting. A great option to organize studies efficiently and hand over your work on time. Well, so that there is still time to take a walk.

The book contains examples of successful people who, despite the workload, manage to do their favorite things.

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