Expert Ways to Destress

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Everyone faces stressful moments in life, whether it is your boss making you work overtime, going through the stresses and tribulations of selling your home online or even your football team losing at the last minute.

It is important in these moments to find easy ways to destress, so that you can feel better and be more productive. 

Destressing activities can take no time at all but can immediately make you feel better and allow you to continue your day or your night whilst happier. 

That is why this guide will take you through some of the easiest and quickest ways to destress if you think that everything is getting a bit too intense. 

Play with your Pet

Having a pet can be a great way to unwind and relax at the end of a long and stressful day. 

Whether a cat, dog, mouse or anything in between, playing with your pet, taking them for a walk or feeding them can help you forget about your troubles in moments. 

If you have a pet in a good healthy condition with good joints then you can even exercise with your pet, maybe a run on the beach or a jog through the park to help you relax whilst still enjoying time with your pet.

Soothing Bath

If you are looking for something less energetic, then a soothing bath might be the answer to removing your stress. 

A scented candle and some Netflix in the bath gives you some time to yourself where you can think about nothing and just relax your body. 

Maybe even pop a bath bomb in there, pamper yourself for one night, it will be worth it once you get in! 

Having a soothing bath will always allow you to sleep better that night as well.

Listen to Calming Music 

Big music lovers will know that listening to some soft music can trigger parts of the brain that allow you to feel calmer instantaneously. Many people who for example owe money, often find that taking a little time out to listen to some calming music can give them perspective on things and help them determine how to address their money problems (source: Kallyss Loans)

Whether it is smooth jazz or low-fi pop that you prefer, listening to some slow and soft music can allow you to feel less stressed and enjoy yourself before the furors of life come back. 

If music calms you down then you can be any scenario and put your headphones in allow yourself to relax, whether in the office on the train or just at home. 


Exercise is an extremely common way that many people destress and that is because it works! 

It doesn’t have to be an intense marathon run to help you unwind and destress, a 10 minute run or a half an hour stroll can do the same trick. 

Getting some fresh air and feeling the sweat can release hormones that make you feel happier and calmer after exercise. 

Exercise is one of the best ways to destress as you are often fully focused on whatever activity you are doing rather than concentrating on the things that made you stressed in the first place.

Speak to a Friend 

Holding in your stresses and swirling them round your head all day and night can make you feel worse and more stressed. 

Instead, speaking to a close family member or a friend and telling them what is on your mind can help relieve some of the burden and stress that you might be feeling. 

If you cannot confide in a friend or family member then finding a therapist to speak to can help you go through some of the emotions you might be feeling and how you can tackle them. 

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