Bestseller Books for Moms: Read and Discuss Online

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Some people think that once women become moms, they suddenly change and become completely different people. They are no longer interested in sex and erotica; they are not sexual beings; they have no drive and no desires.

This couldn’t be further from the truth as research suggests that out of all demographics, moms are the ones that buy the most books and, generally, when they desire to unwind, they will buy romance books and stories of lust, passion, and attraction.

There are many naughty moms who enjoy reading, and when they read, they might pick cute love stories, but they might also pick some dirty, flirty, naughty books full of sex.

What Do Naughty Moms Read?

If the last couple of years have shown us something, it’s that mothers are not as nice as they appear to be. When Fifty Shades of Grey was launched, it became an instant bestseller, and women from all over the world bought it.

Some even tried to reenact what they read in the book. They were mesmerized by the millionaire, who had a kinky and dangerous side but was protective and insanely handsome at the same time. They dreamed of being swept off their feet by a strong man and taken into the bedroom, where they had to submit and do whatever was asked of them.

They desired to let go of control and be ravished by a gorgeous man. When the movie was launched, they all flocked to the cinema and watched it again and again and thought about whether the book and the image they had in their heads fit the movie.

And it’s not even the first time that moms make books about love, sex, betrayal, violence, and passion bestsellers. The Fifty Shades of Grey Trilogy is just one of the many books moms love.

If you’re a mom and have just discovered this new passion of reading romance novels, then you’re in for a treat because we have the top 5 sex-filled, mind-blowing romance books of all time for moms:

  • Claiming of Sleeping Beauty by Anne Rice
  • Story of O by Pauline Reage
  • Delta of Venus by Anaïs Nin
  • Tropic of Cancer by Henry Miller
  • Women by Chloe Caldwell

Where Can Moms Discuss Sexy Books?

While they can certainly join a book club and discuss their books there, some might feel uncomfortable discussing their deepest and darkest desires with people they know. Looking into your colleague’s or friend’s or even mother’s eyes and talking about how you enjoyed the BDSM scenes in the book might not work for everyone.

Luckily there is a better solution. You can join an online dating website. You can do so to find an actual date with whom to discuss what you read, among… other things. If you are married, you can find other couples if your partner agrees and try swinging.

And you can join a group chat and speak to both women and men as friends and discuss the kinky books you are into with no shame. The chances are that many of the people you will see dating online have read these great books (some of them are actually literally masterpieces, by the way).

You can start a relationship online, either one of friendship, set up hookups, date casually, or try a long-term serious relationship. It’s up to you to do several of them, or only one. But no matter what you pick, you will certainly find someone who you can chat with about your favorite books.


People from all over the world have different tastes in books in general. When it comes to books that discuss sex, things are even more complicated because to like the book; you must also enjoy or at least find enticing the sexual act performed in the book.

That’s why an online dating website chat that’s international is perfect for you. Here you can meet many different people with different tastes and desires and discuss the novels you are excited about. You can simply talk, or you can find a partner to reenact what you’ve read.

It’s all up to you, and you will be perfectly safe to do exactly as you please. No kink, fetish, or fantasy is off-limits. You can live your wildest fantasies, the ones you’ve only read about in books this far.

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