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Finding true love has always been difficult. You know your soul-mate is somewhere out there, waiting for you to show up and steal their heart with a smile. How do you bridge that gap and meet someone you truly love? Joining online dating sites helps everyone seek love, romance, friendship, and even casual relationships. No matter what your views about love are, you will always be able to meet singles on a dating site who share the same thoughts.

With so many advanced filters, it is easier than ever to shortlist the best matches based on your preferences. If you love romance novels and want to be with someone who likes to read, dating sites can make it happen. Finding the right site is the real catch, though, and that is when review sites, such as can lend a helping hand. By reading unbiased, comprehensive reviews, you can compare different sites and decide which one is likely to work and help you find your type of dating partner. 

These reviews even help you find sites with quality chat rooms where you can discuss your love for romance novels and find those who believe that these books are true masterpieces. But, if you want to try those sites and improve chances of success when talking to a true bookworm, be sure to read some modern books about love first. Here are some good options to consider:

Like a Love Story

If you are on a site geared towards the LGBTQ community, be sure to read this book first. It shows how the world changes for three teens after they embrace their sexuality. You enter a completely new world of sorrow, recognition, love, and romance the moment you start reading. You will feel yourself in a warm, welcoming place where you will find shelter from your sorrows. It tells you how important it is to have a loyal friend by yourself when you are navigating the pathways of your sexuality. 

I Wish You All the Best

It is yet another interesting book to read for those who identify them as non-binary and look for a special place in the world. The beginning of the book hits you hard and triggers a plethora of emotions. Each word has the power to wrench out your breath. It revolves around Benjamin De Backer, who wants to come out as non-binary and hopes for quick acceptance from their parents. Reading about Benjamin’s life takes you on a journey full of vicissitudes. It is amazing to see how Benjamin travels like a stray helium balloon with no idea what life has in store. He eventually visits his estranged sister, where everything changes for good.

Thirst by Kerry Hudson

Finding love in the unlikeliest of places is always a great plot for a romance novel, but Kerry Hudson has done some special work in this hard-hitting novel. The story revolves around Alena and Dave. Dave loves traveling, and Alena relocates to Siberia to overcome her poverty. Eventually, their paths collide when they both visit London. How everything changes after that meeting is worth reading for anyone interested in online dating, marriage, romance, or love in general. Though it is mainly a love story, you are not going to notice soppy chick-lit style romance. It is tender but heartbreaking in many ways because the writer talks about real people and their real messy, sometimes shitty, yet wonderful lives.

Don’t You Forget about Me by Mhairi McFarlane

This rom-com revolves around Georgina, who loses her job and finds out that her boyfriend is a cheater on the same day. She is a downer and remembers a boy who wrote how much he loved her laugh, but that was twelve years ago. Ironically, that boy is now her new boss, but the only issue is that he does not recognize her at all. How everything changes from there makes it a great read. If you spend most of your time chatting with girls through online dating sites and believe that you will eventually meet your soul-mate there, you should certainly read this romantic novel. It may feel a bit chaotic in the beginning, but you never lose interest, especially when it tackles horribly manipulative exes. The plot makes it very realistic, but the twists and turns add a comic touch as well. 

The fact of the matter is that you can find so many modern romantic books and novels that clearly suggest what love is like in today’s world, and they cover everything from first love to love that goes beyond borders. You can start with a few of those contemporary love stories, and you will be all set to share your opinions and impress others when discussing it in a chat room on a reputable online dating site. 

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