Ten Steps to ITSM Success Book Review

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Ten Steps to ITSM Success Book Summary:

  • Authors: Timothy Rogers and Angelo Esposito
  • Publishers: IT Governance Publishing
  • Format: Softcover
  • ISBN13: 9781849284561
  • Pages: 264
  • Published: 20 Feb 2013

A wealth of material has been written to describe the underlying mechanics of ITSM, but very little practical advice is available on how to implement ITSM best practices to achieve an organization’s business objectives.

The official ITIL® volumes explain what service management is, how the processes work and fit together, and why IT functions should adopt the practice, but they are notoriously vague on how to design and implement an ITSM model in a real organization. This challenge is best understood by those with experience of transforming ineffective and expensive IT, yet most ITSM guides are authored from a purely academic standpoint.

Ten Steps to ITSM Success Book Review:

This book bridges the gap between academic knowledge and real world implementation, providing the most practically-focused guide to date. The authors draw on over 30 years’ experience of IT management to deliver a wealth of advice and insight on creating, implementing, diffusing, and perfecting a service management framework.

This second edition is thoroughly updated and expanded to cover more recent events and developments in the world of ITSM. It contains new sections on outsourcing, Agile Service Management, and ITSM maturity.

Ten Steps to ITSM Success Book Special Features:

Ten Steps to ITSM Success is a very practical guide to the key steps to effective ITSM from its conceptualization to its implementation and maintenance. A wealth of checklists, graphs, and examples help to illustrate practical guidance:

– Ten Steps to ITSM Success covers all of the key steps to effectively implementing ITSM including the roles and responsibilities of stakeholders. Ten Steps to ITSM Success will help you understand how to effectively manage defect tracking, help desk management, and provide tips and guidance on managing an ITSM project

– Ten Steps to ITSM Success offers advice on how to create an effective journey from one state to another state, even when your organization is of a size where it may be difficult to implement a central approach to service management

– Ten Steps to ITSM Success explains that you need to fulfill the needs of your customers, while looking at the risks and rewards of service management

The book provides specific guidance on how to analyze and implement an IT service management system, and explores the cultural issues that often hinder the goal of perfecting the service management framework.

The content includes ten key steps to help an organization mature its ITSM strategies and the entire ITSM implementation process:

– Understand why you need an ITSM framework in the first place ​

– Understand the purpose and structure of ITSM

– Analyze your current situation and create a model that is replicable, sustainable and appropriate for your organization

– Determine the critical measurement and tracking metrics to ensure you are producing the required value from your service management framework

– Define the governance of ITSM

– Create and implement a gradual plan for the introduction of service management into an organization

– Create a way for you to understand the lessons learnt through your ITSM implementation process

– Create a vision for the best practices of ITSM

– Implement new ITSM and demonstrate value

– Maintain and continuously improve your existing ITSM process and practice

The book’s content is littered with practical tips and refined guidance on how best to create an effective ITSM framework for an organization. This guide is highly commended for both the academic and technical audiences interested in ITSM.

About the Authors and Representatives:

Timothy Rogers is the founder of a UK training and consultancy firm called IT Governance. He is the author of many articles, educational resources, thought leader pieces, and blog posts. His specialist fields include controls for information risk, IT service management, business continuity, disaster recovery, IT asset management, governance, and process improvement. He has designed and run training courses for IT service management at the Open University and others. Timothy has contributed to many books, articles, and whitepapers.

Angelo Esposito is a certified ITIL® instructor, accomplished business consultant and facilitator and eminent author. He has extensive experience in IT Service management and IT strategy development. Angelo specializes in helping organizations to develop, implement and maintain IT Service Management processes. Angelo has contributed to a number of books, articles, papers, and blogs, including the publication of Service Management Essentials, a new book due for release in 2014.

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