Review of “The Warring States Conundrum”

I enjoyed reading “The Warring States Conundrum (The Winston Sage Trilogy Book 1)” by an exceptionally talented writer, Seymour Grufferman, who, in my opinion, is an excellent entertaining writer, highly gifted, and has a brilliant ability to create a unique and exceptional story.

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I felt the author describes scenes using an economy of words and the way the author leads the reader from peaceful to intriguing scenes quickly. For example,

“The next day was gloriously cool and clear, with enough wind to carry the scent of junipers and piñons. What a change from cloudy, gray Pittsburgh. Win was sitting outside, reading a medical journal with a pair of sleeping dogs at his feet, when Julia opened the screen door to say, “Win, there’s a guy in a black suit at the front door. He wants to talk to you.”

I liked the pace of the story, the constant action, the unexpected twists and turns all which kept my interest as I felt this story was a pleasure to read.

I also felt the dialogue was excellent and thought-provoking as it kept the story moving and led into intriguing events.  For example,

“Speaking of the Government, you know, a few years ago the President visited his best friend, who has a home in our subdivision. I bet they installed a bunch of security equipment for his stay in La Tierra Hermosa. Your guys might be able to use some of it.”

“Do you mean the President of the United States?”


“Were you living in the subdivision at the time?”

“No, our house wasn’t finished yet.”

“That’s useful. Our Secret Service friends have probably already done a lot of the survey work we need to do. That’s incredible; POTUS spent some time in your subdivision! Is there anything else you learned in your investigations that you think might be important?”

“Not that I can think of. Oh, wait a minute; I took some photos of the Chinese guy while he was unconscious and of his passport and other IDs and also his car and license plate.”

I also enjoyed the ending which came as a complete surprise.

All in all, in my opinion, I felt this was professionally written by a brilliant author who knows very well how to craft a very enjoyable, and highly interesting story. Highly recommended!

by Bruce Miller, B.A. J.D. Team Golfwell

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