5 Tips That Will Help You Make The Most Out Of Your Kindle E-reader

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Hi, book lover! So you just got yourself an e-reader to help you indulge in your hobby without carrying books around. A Kindle e-reader is one of the best things that any fan of books could ever have. In addition to giving you access to the latest releases from the best sellers, a kindle e-reader has support for other useful resources such as audiobooks and other important documents.

Even with all these provisions, using a Kindle e-reader is not as easy as it sounds. Or at least, making the most out of kindle devices is not that easy. Don’t be a standard user; use the following tips as a guide to your way around the e-reader.

5 tips for using your kindle e-reader

Share your account

Let’s start by extending your generosity to family and friends. You can do this by sharing your eBooks with other members through a family library account. Activating this option allows you to link two or more adult accounts.

Once linked, you can be able to share purchased eBooks with the other account holders. That said, only share your account with trusted members because according to Amazon, account holders of the linked accounts gain express rights to pay for purchases using the associated credit cards.

Here is how to set up account sharing with an adult

  • On your home screen, tap menu
  • Go to settings
  • Tap on the ‘registration’ option
  • Select family library
  • Add a new person
  • Select ‘Adult’ and key in the account details

Still on sharing, note that you can share content with your child by setting up a child profile complete with parental controls. That’s right, by completing a simple set up, you can avoid the hustle of getting a separate account for your little one.

To do this, do the following;

  • From your home screen, tap on ‘menu’
  • Go to ‘settings’ and select ‘Registration’
  • Tap household, then go to ‘Family Library’
  • Select ‘Add a new person’ then ‘Add Child’

From the active screen, proceed to set up the account keying in the necessary parental controls such as passwords, child’s age, and so on.

Take a screenshot

Taking a screenshot is one of the best ways of saving content for later. Taking a screenshot on your kindle e-reader quick and easy. Press the two opposite corners of the screen at the same time. Make sure the screen is active with the desired content.

You can also take a screenshot by tapping on the screen while holding down the ‘Home’ button. You can then export your screenshots to your laptop or desktop using a USB cable.

Have books read to you

Did you know that you can just plug in your headphones and have an eBook read to you as you go about other duties or while on travel? The latest kindle e-reader allows you to switch between reading and listening to a book.

Audible is a tool that allows your kindle to read out stories, audiobooks or other documents as you do something else or when you need a change.

Use a VPN

Using a VPN is another way to streamline your experience. This is ideal for kindle fire users. The all-new kindle fire with an LCD is a unique way for readers who want to access novels in style. With this tablet, you can have access to not only eBooks, audiobooks, documents, and graphic novels, but also movies and web browsing.

But you are probably wondering, how does a Virtual Private Network (VPN) enhance your experience? Let me explain. Some internet service providers intentionally slows down your internet while you on certain sites, claiming that it would reduce congestion on the network.

By installing a VPN on your Kindle Fire, you will be creating a private tunnel for all your traffic which will enable you to bypass any throttling that may be initiated by your ISP while watching movies.

Create your collection

For an avid reader, a nicely arranged collection of books is everything. You can set up a digital collection of the purchased books on your kindle e-reader. This helps you sort the books and group them into the relevant categories.

A collection makes it easy to retrieve books whenever you want to refer or share it with a friend. Create your kindle collection by tapping on the ‘create collection’ option from the Menu button.

In summary

A Kindle e-reader is a convenient way for booklovers to carry hundreds or thousands of their favorite books from wherever. While the average user may still be comfortable with just reading the purchased eBooks, the tips and tricks discussed above can help improve your user experience.

Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned user, the 5 tips will help you use Kindle e-reader like a pro!

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