5 Best Books About Basketball in 2021

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After a turbulent 2020/21 season, it is time for some well-deserved rest for the athletes in the offseason. This means that you should find a different way for fueling your basketball passion until the next season starts.

Just because they are the only handful of basketball movies that you’ve probably already watched, reading a basketball-themed book is a great idea. There are different basketball books that can teach you something new about the sport or take you on a journey through an inspirational basketball story.

Either way, basketball books are great for people that are in love with this sport, which is why we decided to highlight some of the best.

The Book of Basketball – Bill Simmons

If you still haven’t heard about the Book of Basketball, then you’ve definitely heard about the Bill Simmons Podcast which is the front page of the sport-themed podcast. But we are here for the book, which is a really good one.

All of the pages are filled with interesting insights made with comparison from the early days of basketball up to the modern NBA.

It is an informative book that will teach you more about the sport and let you explore it from different angles that you have definitely never seen before.

Relentless: From Good to Great to Unstoppable – Tim S. Grover

Relentless is one of the best books if you want to get better at the game. The book is written by the legendary trainer Tim Grover, and it is packed with different basketball tips (both physical and mental) just to take your game to the next level.

The best thing about the book is that you can feel that every sentence is genuine and honest. It is packed with useful advice that can change your professional life, after all, that’s expected from a talented manager who helped Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant to improve their game.

It will give you insight into the mind of professional NBA players which is very interesting even if you are not playing basketball professionally.

Hoop Dreams – Ben Joravsky

Now we are moving on to a less informative book which is based on a true story that follows two high school basketball players William Gates and Arthur Agee. It is a compelling story that shows the struggles and stakes that young players deal with in order to climb the ladder of basketball.

The book will take you on a basketball journey from their beginnings and the street basketball of Chicago all the way up to their college recruitment. It is a really fun book, which raises the question of important aspects of youth life such as education, class, and race.

The Last Shot: City Street, Basketball Dreams – Darcy Frey

This is another well-written book that focuses on the story of promising basketball players who came from the streets of Coney Island. Just like Hoop Dreams, this book covers the journey of young basketball players who want to take on the sport professionally.

The Last Shot is an in-depth book that will give you insights into young people’s struggles as well as their drive to become better and their passion for success. The backdrop of New York City streetball adds so much culture, to this memorable story.

Eleven Rings: The Soul of Success – Phil Jackson

With such a striking title and a picture of all the elven NBA rings, this book is definitely a head-turner. Apart from the catchy title and cover, this book has a lot to offer in terms of basketball. First of all, it is written by the legendary coach Phil Jackson who took home 11 championships during his time in NBA.

Throughout his career, he has been working with some of the greatest players in basketball, and he decided to highlight his professional journey in great detail with the Eleven Rings book.

Basically, it is a book that unveils his secrets to success and will give you insights on professional NBA games from a coaching point of view. Jackson’s impact really changed basketball forever, and this book is the perfect way to highlight that achievement.

There you have it, the best books about basketball out there. If you prefer movies instead, you can find the best ones here: 10 Best Basketball Movies of All Time by Twinspires.

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