Top 5 Useful Tools and Apps for Educational Book Authors

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The main purpose of an author to write an educational book is to provide some informative knowledge to the readers.

Almost every author writes educational books to organize their ideas and other useful information in a logical sequence.

A book written in a proper sequence and format will increase its authority and credibility.

In this article, we’ll discuss the top five educational tools that can help authors to write educational books.

But, before getting into the discussion, you need to know some useful tips on writing a book.

Best Writing Tips for Authors to write Books

Writing an informational book takes time to develop.

An author must learn some useful skills like writing a first draft, arranging the ideas, self-editing, and more.

To write a book, an author must follow the mentioned below tips:

Research the Audience

Before writing an educational book, the first thing a writer needs to do is to find the target audience.

Read maximum books related to the niche you’re writing about.

Getting New Ideas to Start Writing

Try to study all the informative blog posts and reviews to get new ideas to write a book.

This helps authors to understand what readers liked and disliked about a specific topic.

Outline the Book

Try to outline the recent book and start reading creative and productive books,

After reading the book, quickly write an outline that may help you to ensure that the book’s chapter must follow a proper logical progression.

Set a suitable Deadline

Every professional book author work to the deadlines.

By setting a deadline, an author makes it easier to complete his/her writing tasks on time.

Track the Progress

One of the best tips while writing a book is to track the progress of your daily work.

This includes the daily word count and the total time that an author spends on writing each day.

By tracking word count on regular basis, a writer can easily find how far he/she needs to meet the deadline.

Proofread the Content

After writing the educational content, proofread the content, and try to fix all spelling and grammatical mistakes.

This will help to increase the writing style and also plays a great role in attracting a new audience.

Market the Book

After writing the book, now the main focus of an author is to sell the book.

And for this purpose, the first thing you can do is to write an email to the loyal readers.

The second option is to promote it through the advertisement and you also have the option to give the first book free of cost to grab new customers.

Further in this article, we’re going to describe the useful tools and applications that can help authors to write a book.

Top 5 useful Tools and Apps for Educational Book Authors

Microsoft Word


It is one of the best software to write educational books.

Before any writing app came, Microsoft Word was the only software to write the text for multiple purposes.

The app is widely used to write assignments, books, research papers, presentations, and other documents.

It provides the best-focused writing experience with its unlimited features.

While writing text in Word, you have multiple options to make content impressive.

You can write chapters of the book by changing the chapter’s Heading Styles.

This app provides the best navigation as the book starts progressing.

Key Features:

  • Text Style and Size: The app allows the author to change the style of the text with multiple text styles.

It also allows the writer to adjust the text size.

  • Numbered and Bullet Listing: Microsoft Word also provides some excellent features to add numbered or bullet listing in the text.

This helps to look at content impressive and authentic.

  • Inserting Media Files: If an author wants to add some media files in the book, this app is the best option to insert images and other media files in text.
  • File Saving and Printing: The best thing about this app is that it allows authors to save and print the document within a single click.



This tool is widely used to improve the writing style with its amazing features.

The main purpose of the tool is to find and correct all grammatical and spelling mistakes written in the content

Most writers use this interesting tool to fix all grammatical issues of their book’s content.

It scans the entire text, finds and fixes all grammatical issues, and also provide insights about all possible reasons behind a mistake.

It further suggests the mistakes and fixes them by providing the best solution.

Key Features:

  • Checks Grammar: This online tool checks the grammar and punctuation mistakes in the document.
  • Provide Suggestions: It gives the best suggestions to fix the error just within a single click.
  • Text Tone: The tool scans the complete data and tells the tone of written text just like Happy, Sad, Angry, Confident, and more.
  • Chrome Extension: The best thing about this online tool is that it provides a Chrome extension to quickly check the text in real-time.

Plagiarism Checker


Writing original and 100% plagiarized-free content is the priority of every book author.

If an author is facing any plagiarism issue while writing content for an educational book, then plagiarism checker is the best utility to check copied content.

The online plagiarism checker scans the entire document and matches it with almost every online resource to detect the plagiarized content.

The user interface of the checker is quite interesting and easy to use.

The author simply needs to paste the data into the checker or can easily upload a file from the system.

Key Features:

  • Files Uploading: The free online plagiarism detector allows you to upload different files directly from the system.

These formats include .txt, .pdf, .doc and .docx.

  • Matched Sources: The checker scans the text and highlights all matched sources of the copied content.
  • Best Deep Search: This utility deeply scans the document and compares it with several online resources to detect duplicate content.
  • Chrome Extension: The Google Chrome Extension of this utility is used by several authors, writers, students, and bloggers to check the duplicate text.
  • Download Final Report: This utility provides an amazing feature to save the result report of the checked content into the system.



It is one of the finest book organization tools, used by authors and writers to write a book effectively.

Scrivener allows you to view notes, images, edit text, and all in one writing features.

This tool allows users to print the complete manuscript within a single click.

The best thing about this tool is that it comes with different tutorials to make writing impressive and attractive.

It also provides a virtual corkboard feature to organize important notes while writing the book’s content.

This tool is also applicable within MS Words and other useful programs.

Key Features:

  • Remembers the Spot: Whenever the author opens a document in this tool, it automatically takes the author to where he/she left off.
  • Makes Structure Easy to See: This online tool helps authors to write content in chunks.

This makes the text attractive and easy to see.

  • Color-Coding: By using this tool, you can quickly color code every single piece of a document.
  • Auto-Saves the Data: It automatically saves the document whenever an author enters a text or any media file.

Google Docs


It is the best online tool to quickly make and format multiple documents with other users.

Authors can use this online utility to create their book content with the help of its amazing features.

It allows authors to write content in a well-structured format. The utility also provides some features to edit the written content.

Once the author writes informative data for the book by using this tool, then it can also save it in the system.

It helps a lot in creating a meaningful and impactful document for the book.

Key Features:

  • Clear Formatting: When an author writes a specific text in the Google Doc, the utility gives you access to clear the format.

Once, you’ve cleared the format, go to the Menu and select the desired format to write text.

  • Suggestion Mode: This feature provides some suggestions while writing the text of an educational book.
  • File-Sharing: This tool also allows you to share the document with other persons.
  • Easily Accessible: Google Docs is easily accessible on every smart device having an internet connection.

Final Words

Every author wants to write the book’s content in a proper and well-structured format to grab more readers.

To improve the writing style and to write impressive content, authors can use one of the mentioned above suitable tools.

All of these tools come with some excellent features that can help authors to write a book effectively.

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