The Security Consultant’s Handbook Book Review

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The Security Consultant’s Handbook Book Summary:

  • Authors: Richard Bingley
  • Publishers: ITGP
  • Format: Softcover

Essential information for security professionals.

With indispensable guidance and inspirational case studies, this essential book sets out a holistic overview for security professionals. Not only will it stimulate fresh ideas for invigorating your career, it will provide new market routes for you to lead your company’s resilience.

The Security Consultant’s Handbook Book Review:

Much has been read over the years about the state of the information security industry (which is great because at least we know we are on the right track). However, we need to start looking for ways to turn our industry around and focus on the positive, what can we do in order to change the industry into a thriving and profitable industry?

Review of the Security Consultant’s Handbook by Richard Bingley:

The Security Consultant’s Handbook by Richard Bingley is a must have whether you are an information security consultant, a security consultant or are in a similar field, because the author provides an introduction which gives you a great insight on where to start if you wanted to base yourself somewhere in the security field. Another awesome point to note is that the author leaves very little unsaid and also provides practical guidance that can help you to improve your knowledge in order to be an expert in your field.

Introduction and concept:

From the onset of the book, the author provides a detailed introduction on how we should read the book, how it can benefit everybody, the financial expectations of a security consultant and also, the most viable options in order to start your own security division.

The author also provides very detailed information on how to start your own security firm, as well as how to develop a security portfolio, and also how to be profitable in the security industry.

Book Content:

The Security Consultant’s Handbook is quite a book. It is one of the best books that I have ever read on information security and it has truly educated me on the finer details of what exactly information security and security consulting entails.

The book provides detailed information on the actual day to day operations of being a security consultant, and also provides useful information on recruitment, hiring, marketing and also business strategies that you can employ in order to be successful in your very own security firm.

The book also provides great insight on a wide variety of security related topics such as: the different types of sectors that involve reporting a security breach, security products, credit card fraud, employee based fraud, healthcare and banking fraud, physical security and the importance of integrating all information security implementations into a single framework.

The book also provides a detailed look at how to handle breaches of information.

Last but not least, the book provides detailed information on how information security is different from physical security and how to implement them into your business in order to increase your overall security portfolio.


The Security Consultant’s Handbook by Richard Bingley is a hands on book that provides great detail on what it is that a security consultant does (which is a very important thing to know before you set out to become a security consultant yourself), the book will allow you to understand the security industry completely and also shows you the different routes that you can take in order to enhance your information security career.

The book has taught me a great deal in the information security industry and has allowed me to enhance my skills and better my career in the industry, and because of this book, I’m certain that I can become a well known security consultant very soon.

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