The Mystery Present : Profound Tale Fuses Moral & Mystery – As Readers examine their Own Lives

Ian Beresford’s ‘The Mystery Present’ is a tale of a young boy who has to face up to unforeseen and dramatic events in his life. While written for younger readers, the book’s evocative symbolism also reaches out to a wider readership for an empowering adventure unlike anything else on the shelves.

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Ian Beresford doesn’t just write any mystery novel. Each word he crafts reaches deep into the human psyche so as to help readers examine and question their own lives.

That’s certainly the case with ‘The Mystery Present’.


A story of a child’s journey into aspects of adult life. In search of the truth concerning a matter close to his heart, he encounters emotional anguish, challenges and disappointments but in the end finds joy and contentment. Both a moral and a mystery story, it provides an insight into human nature and engenders thought-provoking consequences which the reader is required to unravel. Essentially aimed at children aged seven to twelve, the story can simultaneously be interpreted from a psychological perspective and may therefore also appeal to an older reader.

“The story has an educational value and is set in no particular time or place, thereby giving the reader the freedom to create their own imaginary world” explains the author.

Continuing, “Julie Sneeden provides stunning illustrations for the book, which really brings the narrative to life. Julie’s work encompasses both traditional art techniques as well as the latest digital technology, to create visuals that are deep and truly meaningful. Reading stories to her children has inspired her over the years to pursue the art of book illustration and, as a result, she has provided illustrations for numerous authors around the world.”

‘The Mystery Present’ is due for release on 18th April 2021 in hardback and paperback.

Copies can be pre-ordered from Amazon, Book Depository, Blackwell’s and Waterstones.

About the Author

On completion of a post-graduate qualification in music at London University, Ian Beresford spent the next 14 years first working in shipping and later in the horseracing industry. Alongside his work, he continued his passion for singing and joined the Philharmonia Chorus of London in 1977. In the roughly 25 years with the Chorus, he participated in numerous classical concerts, not only in the UK, but also in Europe and the United States. He also took part in many radio and television broadcasts, as well as recordings and several fund raising events involving such names as Patrick Doyle, Phil Collins and Vera Lynn. Since 1993, he has devoted most of his time to piano teaching in his home area, though virtual technology has  afforded him clients as far afield as Adelaide, San Francisco and Cape Town.

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