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The Best Books to Learn About Bets and Casinos for Dummies

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Online gambling is the new industry that’s sweeping the nations. Though it is technically a digital extension of the same games already enjoyed in casinos across the globe, and the time old tradition of betting on sports, online gambling has proven to be its own multi-million dollar business in the past year.

The response has been huge as more states aim to rake in millions of dollars in revenue on a monthly basis from gambling alone. The US is seeing success in many states, and there are new ways to bet in Canada with Ontario casinos. People want to get in on the action too, as a well-placed bet could mean extra money in these difficult times. Or it could just be a fun hobby and a way to get more excited about an upcoming sports game. Whatever the reason, you, like many others, might be thinking about trying your hand at casino games or sports betting.

The sheer amount of games available may be intimidating at first glance. Do you want to start small with slots, become a card shark, or get into sports betting? Each type of wager has its own intricacies and odds. If you’re the type that likes to dive deep into research before taking that first step, here are some books that will help.

Casino Games Books

The big reason for the rise of online gambling is, of course, convenience. For the longest time, many areas had no means of gambling. The only legal place to do it was in casinos, which meant taking a long drive or even flight to the nearest place that actually had a casino. With online gambling, however, almost anyone over 18 can place bets from their computer or with a handy smartphone app. You can also play at lower stakes online as many apps often offer a lower buy-in.

For online gambling, slots are a big draw due to their ease-of-use and cheaper fee. The Slot Machine Answer Book by John Grochowski is a classic guide to slots. Gambling 102: The Best Strategies for All Casino Games by Michael Shackleford covers other casino table games on an easy to understand level.

Yet while online is nice, nothing beats the thrill of an in-person casino. If safer bets or killing time aren’t your goals, you might prefer to travel to an actual casino and play at a table with other people. The books suggested above will still work for physical casino games–slots and table games are mainstays. But if you go to the actual casino, you’ll probably want to play cards. In that case, check out Winning Casino Blackjack for the Non-Counter by Avery Cardoza. This breaks down the game in simple terms and teaches basic strategy. Poker For Dummies does exist and is a good starter guide. If you want to get more advanced, The Theory of Poker by David Sklansky is essential.

Sports Betting Books

In the US, states that post millions in revenue every month often attribute a big chunk of that to sports betting. Like with online casino games, this is a matter of giving access to those who haven’t had it before. People have been betting on sports for decades, but it usually comes in the form of cash pools amongst friends or co-workers. Now that sports betting is legal through apps on a bigger scale, a lot of people are trying it out. Just like with casino games, you’d do well to study up before throwing your money at your favorite team.

Now I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but math is a big part of sports betting. You need to dust off those old high school algebra courses to understand odds and point breakdowns. Mathematics in Games, Sports and Gambling Source by Ronald J. Gould is an accessible guide to remembering some of those old equations. Sharp Sports Betting by Standford Wong is considered a must by many in the industry, and so is worth your consideration.

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