What Books Can You Read About Casinos and Gambling?

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Many great books have taken inspiration from the illustrious world of casinos and gambling in general. Some of the most well-known novels have casinos serving as a backdrop, such as Ian Fleming’s Casino Royale or Ben Mezrich Bringing Down The House.

While those novels celebrate and/or critique the gambling lifestyle in general, some readers might be more interested in the nitty-gritty of casino games and gambling. We have compiled a list of the best books about gambling that describe the intricacies of different casino games and provide you with useful strategies to increase your chances of winning.

JB Lown’s “Online Casino Roulette Mini-Strategy Guide”

You’re probably aware that some casino games require a mix of luck and strategy. This book will help you with the latter. John Barnett Brown authored this book based on his six-year personal experience playing roulette.

The book’s objective is to help you to develop a mini-strategy for online casino roulette. The author also guides you on how to play and enjoy the game. Both newbies and ardent punters will find this book pretty helpful.

This book contains excellent descriptions of different strategies, and you will also discover ways to sharpen your skills and technique. If you want to learn to augment the fun of playing with winning, we highly recommend reading this book.

Pat Hagerty’s “Good Teams Win, Great Teams Cover”

Hagerty’s book is an exciting one, filled with many entertaining examples of the author’s personal life. Essentially, the book is a play guide based on pro-football and situational betting scenarios.

The author notes that many online casino players know a thing or two about winning. Nevertheless, when they spot this opportunity, fear prevents them from betting big and beating the sportsbook.

Hagerty wants to change this for you by teaching you how you can identify situational opportunities. He also elaborates how you can monetize these opportunities by making accurate predictions.

In the book, Hagerty explains 20 situational opportunities that’ll give you an advantage over the house. Don’t just get tired of losing bets. Read about casinos in the book and learn more about turning your luck around in sports betting.

Robert Wood et al. “Routledge International Handbook of Internet Gambling”

Three professors wrote this book to explain the involvement of the online gambling industry in society. They explore different perspectives of online gambling from a commercial, social, and political angle. They also explore online gambling’s psychological and policy implications.

Robert Williams, Robert Wood and Jonathan Parke authored the book to help stakeholders understand gambling’s regulatory and its commercial and social impact. This book is for you if you need an in-depth understanding of internet gambling’s history and societal impact.

Michael Shackleford’s “Gambling 102”

This book is a continuation of Shackleford’s “Gambling 101” book. While the previous book covered the gambling basis, this book prepares you for the next stage: strategy formulation.

The book results from years of conducting computer modelling, mathematical analysis, and casino plays. In this book, you’ll learn the vital role of strategy in your casino games.

The author explores various casino games and strategies in his 19 chapters. You’ll learn how to

  • Examine and lower odds
  • When to raise or let ride
  • When to juice your bets.

Essentially, Shackleford lets you know all you need to play any online game successfully, especially if you want to start gambling online in casinos online UK. He also teaches you how to strategize to boost your winning chances.

Peter Collins’ “Gambling and the Public Interest”

Although this publication doesn’t entirely focus on gambling, it has useful information on internet gambling. One chapter in the book explores the various benefits of e-gambling and how it raises community prospects.

Essentially, it sheds more light on the symbiotic relationship that communities have with the casinos they host.

You’ll also learn about the ongoing debates on whether gambling should be allowed or not. Moreover, concerns about gambling addiction and how to control them are also covered in the book.

There’s never really an end to learning. When it comes to gambling, these books will provide you with valuable knowledge. You’ll learn to play better and also stay aware of societal debates about the phenomenon.

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