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Whether you’re completely new to the publishing process or an old pro, it can be helpful to have a to-do list to guide your self-publishing project to completion, to ensure you don’t miss any important steps, and also to help you plan well enough to hit your target pub date.

Self Publishing Checklist


  1. Write and design your book.
  2. Write your captivating Author’s Bio.
  3. Write your amazing back cover blurb.


  1. Explore the publishing options for your finished, formatted manuscript.
  2. Bet your manuscript edited!
  3. Plan and design your book cover.
  4. Plan and design your book interior.


  1. Research and hire the editor who’s right for you.
  2. Create a checklist to help you enjoy this process.
  3. Establish content and style guidelines for your editor.
  4. Be prepared.
  5. Negotiate editing fees and turnaround time.


  1. Build your case for a certain book.
  2. Identify your audience.
  3. Craft the perfect Amazon/Smashwords /etc. description.


  1. Explore and consider your options for publishing and promoting your book.
  2. Work on your Book Marketing Plan.
  3. Create a Comprehensive Outline for your Book Marketing Campaign.
  4. Create your timeline for getting your book in front of your audience.
  5. Identify your influencers who can help.
  6. Outline your base of paid and promotional supporters.
  7. Explore and identify your promotional opportunities.
  8. Plan for Amazon.
  9. Write your Kindle marketing plan.
  10. Write your marketing plan for your book’s print version.
  11. Identify and distribute your marketing collateral.
  12. Marketing sites (no, not Facebook or Twitter)
  13. Content Marketing and Publishing


  1. Research ISBNs and bar codes.
  2. Finalize your publishing plan.
  3. Send book files to your printer.
  4. Hire an interior book designer
  5. Work with your printer to publish a print version of your book and a Kindle version.
  6. Create the metadata for your book.
  7. Create a digital media kit.
  8. Create your press release.
  9. Write your first blog post.
  10. Blog about your book.
  11. Write follow-up blog posts to support your book.
  12. Build an email list.
  13. Make friends with social media.
  14. Create and share an advertising schedule
  15. Build a free giveaway for your book.
  16. Design and set up your free giveaway promotion.
  17. Promote and make announcements to your audience.
  18. Send advance review copies.
  19. Reach out to people and make interviews and promotions.
  20. Start building a buzz before your book is published.


  1. Examine your Book Marketing Plan.
  2. Make a few plans of what you want to do for your book’s launch.
  3. Outline your launch plan and build your timeline.
  4. Block out a launch checklist.
  5. Plan for your launch week(s) and your post-launch campaign.
  6. Make a big effort to promote and support your book.
  7. Promote online, give the media a call.
  8. Plan the tour.
  9. Beautify your book’s sales page.
  10. Use your author platform to your advantage when promoting your book.
  11. Add your Amazon book in a wishlist or registry.


  1. Manage your book’s availability on Amazon and other platforms.
  2. Create a transcript.
  3. Contact your email list.
  4. Give away copies of your book to people who went above and beyond supporting you.
  5. Use your book to turn into an important media contact of yours.
  6. Register your book with the PRO’s you’re eligible for.
  7. Sell your book at book signings, author events, and festivals.
  8. Answer requests for quotes and media interviews you got as a result of your book.
  9. Submit a book review for inclusion on Amazon and Goodreads.
  10. Enjoy the sweet smell of success!

About the author: As the Founder of the Self Publishing School, Peter is an author, bookmaker, international speaker, and teacher.

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