ISO27001/ISO27002 A Pocket Guide, Second Edition Review

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ISO27001/ISO27002 A Pocket Guide, Second Edition  Summary:

This indispensable pocket guide provides a useful overview of two important information security standards

Packed with practical advice for implementing an information security management system, you’ll wonder how you coped without it

ISO27001/ISO27002 A Pocket Guide, Second Edition Review:

This book, “ISO27001/ISO27002 A Pocket Guide, Second Edition,” offers valuable knowledge and guidance to those who have to deal with ISO27001 and ISO27002. It gives insight to those who need to implement and maintain an information security management system.

The book is very well written and well organized. It is concise and easy to follow. You can read the whole book in one sitting. I found this book useful in learning about the facts and what to do when implementing ISO27001.

The book is written in an informal style that is easy to read. The easy format of this book makes reading it enjoyable. The author makes use of tables and diagrams to make the whole book both easy to understand and easy to read. It is very informative and straightforward.

I think this book is a must read for information security professionals and those who are planning to implement ISO27001 and ISO27002 systems. The book is easy to read and a has a lot of useful tips. It has realistic and easy-to-understand examples about what you should do and how to do it.

I think this is a good start if you need to understand information security and ISO27001 and ISO27002. I recommend this book for all information security personnel and those who need to implement ISO27001 and ISO27002.


1. Provides an explanation of how ISO27001 and ISO27002 standards should be applied

2. Offers examples of what a typical information security management system would look like and what is important in planning and implementing it

3. Provides an understanding of the ISO27001 and ISO27002 concepts and how they relate to information security management

4. Contains valuable information, such as a description of a typical ISMS implementation, how ISO27001/ISMS can be integrated with other management systems, and how ISO27002 and ISO27000 are related

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