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Joy’s The Answer In These Powerful Christian Books

These books promote a joyful life that leads to achievement, satisfaction, self-searching and discovery.

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Finding joy is a challenge set for us. The ability to appreciate what might seem inconsequential has to be honed through thought and learning.

A fully Christian life is one with joy. That’s what these books promote, with moving stories that inspire and motivate all of us to lead a better life. We know that in our modern society, many are in a joyless place. That’s why we felt compelled to promote this list of wonderful books that use the Christian light to guide us forward.

Be Joyful By Warren Wiersbe

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A major theme through the book of Philippians in the Bible is joy, and Warren Wiersbe brilliantly digs deeply into Philippians for this Bible study commentary. Each chapter in Be Joyful explores a different part of the book of Philippians and includes context and history for a deeper understanding. The pointed questions encourage the reader to examine his or her own heart and attitude and to find the joy of living. This book is both convicting and encouraging.

Pause 2 Praise By Lisa Swift-Young

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This book is all about creating your joy. Each day, we can choose to see obstacles as opportunities. Pause 2 Praise, is the perfect way to reframe and refocus each day. The scriptures, activities, and quotes will inspire you and your loved ones to notice the joy in your life. The simple collaborative mindfulness exercises will set the foundation for an attitude of gratitude that will bring joy to you and those around you. You and your teenage or adult children benefit from the abundance of thankfulness.

Beyond the Shallow by Michelle Bates

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Author Michelle grew up in church and believed in what she calls Christian karma: Do good, get good. She adopted this unspoken mantra during her teen and young adult years and even into her early married life. But when suffering came to her door, she returned to Scripture to learn the truth of the gospel. She learned to see grace and joy through the loss of expectation and the loss of three of her six children.

Continuing the Journey by Mercy Tobin

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Continuing the Journey by Mercy Tobin

Mercy Tobin is someone her Healer is touching deeply in her journey of finding joy and happiness. Still in the middle of her journey, writing poems has become her journal. She is surrounded and encouraged on her journey by her children and their families, and special friends who are walking alongside her.

Faithfully Fervent by Rhianna Marie Mitchell

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Faithfully Fervent takes you along the journey of how Christ resurrected a once-dead life inside and invigorated a radical fight for love, joy and redemption. Author Rhianna’s journey is rooted in what it means to truly stand for Christ and His promises when faced with the most debilitating adversity.

Victory by Colin Edwards

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In his inspiring book, Colin invites you into his own journey and, from his own experience, walks you through a variety of emotions and challenges. Just when cancer thought it had won, it fell in defeat. This is not a story of despair, or sorrow, or even death. This is a story of joy, of hope, and of victory. This is the story cancer could never tell.

A Window on Christianity by Carol Worthington

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This most approachable book tells the story of the growth of Christianity from its roots in Judaism through the life, teachings and death of Jesus of Nazareth, who Christians believe fulfilled the Jewish prophecies for the Messiah, or Christ, to save and redeem God’s chosen people. It goes on to trace the development of the Christian church and its relationship to Judaism and Islam. It emphasises the significance of the Church of England and its impact on developing British culture and values. A Window on Christianity brings to life the personalities and events that have shaped the origins of the religion and its development from Roman times to the modern day. It examines artefacts and customs and various different churches, as well as what Christians believe and how they show their beliefs in their pattern of worship and use of specific artefacts.

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