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Achieve Total Forgiveness With These Christian Books

These books encourage the path to forgiveness through Jesus Christ

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Forgiveness is a path that many of us struggle to take to the end. God set us this path of that teaches and enlightens.

But if you’re stuck, there are a lot of scripture-based guidance books that start you off on the right step. These books are by renowned modern Christian authors. They, as well as thousands of their readers have gone on a journey of forgiveness. Will you?

Forgive for Good by Fred Luskin

This product was recommended by Stella Samuel from Brandnic

This is practically one of the best if not the best book on forgiveness. The book can play a key role in your life if you feel frustrated, hurt, or depressed. It helps and gives you a straightforward way – forgiveness. Personally, I recommend this book to anyone since it can help you solve your emotional, spiritual, and even physical problems.

The Shack by W. Paul Young

This product was recommended by Stacey Greene from SatceyGreeneCoaching

The Shack – W. Paul Young is a fiction book about a man who must learn to forgive his daughter’s killer, his own father and even himself. God reveals Himself as the holy trinity and the main character, Mackenzie, must find his faith again.

The Art of Forgiving by Lewis B. Smedes

This product was recommended by Stacey Greene from SatceyGreeneCoaching

The Art of Forgiving – -Lewis B. Smedes is a wonderful journey and how-to book about why it is essential to forgive. The best take away I had from the book was that we can forgive but not forget. We can forgive, but not stay in a relationship with the person who has harmed us.

Stronger Than Broken by Stacey Greene

This product was recommended by Stacey Greene from SatceyGreeneCoaching

Stronger Than Broken – Stacey Greene is written like fiction but based on a true story of the journey through infidelity. Raw and filled with emotion, the character of Michelle refuses to give up on her husband or her marriage. Healing begins with some counseling from their pastor and much hard work.

Amazing Love By Corrie ten Boom

This product was recommended by Melanie Musson from MobileHomeInsuranceQuotes

When you read of the horrors Corrie ten Boom faced in a Nazi concentration camp, you will be in awe of and inspired by her perspective. She was able to forgive and be free of the weight of bitterness, which enabled her to minister in remarkable ways. This book contains 27 short stories and you will want to take time to reflect on ten Boom’s wisdom after reading each.

The Five Step Action Plan to a Happy & Healthy Marriage by Shlomo Slatkin

This product was recommended by Rabbi Shlomo Slatkin from The Marriage Restoration Project

It teaches couples how to forgive their partner through understanding and having compassion for their childhood story.

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