Essential Oils and Reading. The Pros and Cons in 2019

If you have very wondered if essential oils might help you to focus better when you are working, you should read on.

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Essential oils have long been connected with a myriad of health benefits.  They have been tied to a reduction in anxiety, better mental state, reduced blood pressure and many other health benefits.  Besides being good for your health, essential oils can make the room you are working in or living in smell better and feel more like a home.

Essential Oils and Reading

Whether you are a kid or any adult, you have probably experienced times when you struggled to focus.  This can be especially true if you are reading in a location that is not familiar or if you are reading something that does not catch your interest. Students of all ages have experienced the struggle of trying to pay attention to a textbook or assigned reading that did not hold their interest.  The struggle to pay attention can be exhausting as well as emotionally tiring. 

If you have struggled with focus before, essential oils might provide the perfect solution to help you to power through that assigned reading.

Pros for Use of Essential Oils and Reading

Essential oils are much healthier for daily use than medicines that are prescribed by a doctor.  While they cannot provide the actual mental state changes that pharmaceuticals can, they can offer a link between mindfulness and the reminders that make it work best.  Mindfulness is at the core of focus and many people struggle to create mindfulness routines that can help them to be attentive even with distractions.

Essential oils can offer the mental reminder that is needed to trigger mindfulness. Another benefit of essential oils are the mood stabilizing effects that are reported in studies of essential oil use.  It is always easier to focus if you are feeling calm and centered and essential oils can offer anyone the benefit of a calm mind along with mindfulness.

Cons for Use of Essential Oils and Reading

Depending on the size of the space that you are reading in or the needs of others around you, essential oils might not be the best solution to the needs of everyone.  Some people can be allergic to the oils that you need for your focused reading and you may not be allowed to bring your oil diffuser with you to certain locations. If you are counting on using essential oils for your reading time, you may not be able to go read in the public library for example.

This is perhaps the biggest con to using essential oils to trigger the right mental state for reading.  If you using your oils with a diffuser or in a public place, you may have trouble with other people who are not open to their use. There are some options for carrying small amounts of your oils that avoid the use of a diffuser but the diffuser is often far more effective as dispersing the necessary ratio of oils to be truly effective.

Thankfully, many people are aware of an open to the use of essential oils these days. Always communicate with other around you and you will likely find that many people are interested or eager to see if your essential oils will also benefit them when they are reading.

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