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5 Must-Read Best Sciatica Relief Books in 2019

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Sciatica can be overwhelming. For those dealing with it in the acute phase, it can be almost debilitating and make daily tasks seem overwhelming. Many people feel as if they have a good start on their recovery when they go to see a doctor, but aren’t totally sure how to continue to treat their sciatica issues after they have first gotten their diagnosis.

If you have recently been diagnosed with sciatica, or if you have someone in your family that is struggling with it, these books are a great resource. Learning about the best ways to help your sciatica improve can help to identify areas of your life besides the office which might be the culprit behind your sciatica pain.

Best Sciatica Books

If you have already invested in one of the best office chairs for sciatica pain, you have made an excellent first step in the process to healing. It is still possible, however, that you are impacting your sciatica in ways that you are not aware of outside of the office. Check out this handy list of sciatica books to help educate yourself further.

  1. Sciatica Exercises & Home Treatment: This great book by Dr. George F. Best D.C., is a primer on the best exercises to help get your back pain under control and help you to get back on track. It is readily understood, even by those who have never had to do exercises like these for treatment of an injury.
  2. Sciatica Relief Now: This book is by Dean Volk, whose wife suffered from horrible sciatica and nothing they had tried helped her. Dean’s book relates innovative ways to change up your home and work life to help you or your partner heal their sciatica and stay healthy.
  3. The Miracle Ball Method: Written by former dancer Elaine Petrone, who suffered from a crippling back injury, this book comes with two miracle balls and complete discussion of the exercises that can be done using them to heal your back pain. Elaine helps you isolate areas of pain in your body that are extending into your back and sciatica that also need attention, as well as teaching you to identify behaviors that cause tension and injury.
  4. Stop Sciatic Pain: This is a great book for those who like visual representations of the exercises that need to be done to heal their back. The book also serves as a manual for better posture and back support no matter your location of the type of work that you do.
  5. Get Your Life Back, Heal Your Back Pain & Sciatica: This great book reveals common activities and behaviors that can lead to back and sciatica pain. Many people are not aware that they are adding to their pain and discomfort through daily activities. The book will show you how to modify your activities to help you get your life back on track and to live pain-free.

Knowledge related to your health is often power. If you have been feeling like there is nothing that you can do to help alleviate your sciatica pain, these books will help you find ways to return to your daily life and make sure that each day is pain free.

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