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9 Leading Economics Books Investors Should Read In 2021

Smart investing is brought to you by 11 visionary economists

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These books are written by people whose time you couldn’t buy in gold. And they’ve written pages and pages, all for you to learn from. Lessons from real world examples, advice and inspiration can all be found in these fantastic books.

If you feel you’re falling behind on the new economic concepts and strategies that have started popping up in recent times, you need to get ahead as an investor. These books provide a great starting point, a great first step for maintaining success.

The Worldly Philosophers by Robert L. Heilbroner

This product was recommended by Chris McDermott from Jax Nurses Buy Houses

As a Real Estate Broker and Investor, I found this book shared great insight into the history of economics and great thinkers. This book provided thorough insight into the history of capitalism and societal and political fundamentals helping me gain a better understanding of current and future economic times.

One Up Wall Street by Peter Lynch

This product was recommended by Vince Massara from Badminton Passion

This book is a landmark investment book, the terms that the author uses are simple and easy to follow. besides, Lynch shares his experience and also, the different ways he dealt with different situations losses and success in the investment world.

Doughnut economics by Kate Raworth

This product was recommended by Daniel from The Money Equation

This book is both informative and innovative. Providing readers with a sound economic model that should be adopted in order to thrive longer without destroying our planet. Kate believes it’s this line of thinking that makes you a 21st century economist and therefore serves as a foundation for sustainable investing.

Good economics for hard times by Abhijit Banerjee

This product was recommended by Daniel from The Money Equation

This is purposely a provocative and as you can imagine, thought provoking book by two MIT professors who happened to be 2019 Nobel prize winners. The authors present a case packed with research, for interventionism combined with a strong and compassionate societal structure being the key to a successful economy. The book sheds light on the resources we have to combat areas such as climate change and slowed growth. Overall an extremely insightful book that can be used to the advantage of any investor.

Capital by Thomas Piketty

This product was recommended by Daniel from The Money Equation

Perhaps one of the most groundbreaking books on economics in recent years, written by who some consider to one of the best economists to ever live, Thomas Piketty. The book deep dives into the topic of wealth inequality, including Thomas’s remarkable statistics and subsequent conclusions he draws from them. This book has bought to the forefront a topic within economics that has been left untouched for many years, making this book invaluable to those who want to capitalise on this knowledge..

Basic Economics by Thomas Sowell

This product was recommended by Ahmed Ali from Centriq

If you’re looking for a general overview of economics and how different economic systems work, this book is your guide. Thomas Sowell’s bestseller covers the basics of capitalism, socialism, feudalism and the like with a concise explanation of the underlying principles of each. The book is designed to reinforce the basic relationships between the entities that own or control resources and those that need or purchase them, it incorporates real-life examples along the way.

The Financial Freedom Guarantee by Marco Robinson

This product was recommended by Janine Hornsby from Austin Macauley Publishers

Never before has having a job been so precarious. There is no such thing as a ‘job for life’ anymore. People are getting outsourced, paid less, told to work longer hours and are being replaced with robots… This book is for people that really want to start doing what they LOVE to do instead of doing what they have to do to pay the bills. It teaches you how to use four award-winning property investment tools that create enough positive cash flow to replace your living expenses – meaning you never have to rely on a salary ever again. And most importantly… YOU NEVER HAVE TO WORK AGAIN! Never before has a body of work been so relevant and timely in a world full of debt and servitude.

As staggering as it sounds, even in the last 12 months, the author of this book, Marco Robinson, has purchased 107 buyto-let properties, using other people’s money, and created millions of pounds in profits… More importantly, he has helped thousands of his students do the same. Marco will share his hard-learned secrets with you. Even with new tax laws, the buy-to-let property world is booming!

Little Bets by Peter Sims

This product was recommended by Nathan Thompson from Iakoe

I’d like to recommend Little Bets by Peter Sims, a book about iterative processes which is applicable to investing. Sims uses extremely well articulated real world examples across diverse disciplines to illustrate the beauty of making small, calculated risk punts on your ideas and scaling these over time.

Free to Choose by Milton Friedman

This product was recommended by Norhanie Pangulima from SIA Enterprises

This book was written decades ago but the interesting part is that it never grows old. The authors used universal and timeless fundamentals in writing this book which gave it a unique ability to still be applicable even after 30+ years of being published. Investors will undoubtedly benefit from this gem.

The Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham

This product was recommended by Osama from Outfitrs

This is a great book for anyone who is interested in introducing themselves into the world of investing, or wants to hone their skills and better themselves.

Beginner’s Guide to the Stock Market by Matthew R. Kratter

This product was recommended by Noman Asghar from FanJackets

A great book for investors to explore the new world of Stock Market to invest your money into a valuable business. This book discuss the potential ways to 10x your money in a short time.

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