4 Best Resources for Learning Arabic: From Learning Letter to Correctly Using Grammar

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Many people begin studying the official language of the countries of the Middle East for a variety of reasons. Some wish to obtain a long-awaited position and move to the country where there will be career growth, while others like to learn more about the cultures while having small talk with indigenous people.

Sometimes you may just find yourself in awkward situations, where the inability to speak Arabic can play a cruel joke on you. When going to Dubai to explore the futuristic beauties of the country, at least a basic level of language skills will be indispensable. Seeing as car rental services are in great demand, the knowledge of the language will help you explain which car you wish to hire from a large list of luxury rental car models, inquire about rental terms, compare the popular Mercedes S class price in UAE, and sign an agreement.

We will concentrate on the top books, which will provide you with full guidance.

Understanding letters

At first, you cannot start browsing through the web and reading articles in Arabic, even though you might know what the letters look like, but you won’t have a clue how to pronounce the words and they will not make any sense. That’s why before plunging into the world of words, phrases and grammar, you need to examine the letters.

Arabic Character Writing For Dummies

Here you will find comprehensive information on how to start learning the basics. This material will become your guide to the world of language learning.

However, this resource is not only an assistant in learning letters but also your adviser, who will give you tips for learning the language. A nice bonus is a set of training videos, exercises, as well as additional simulators that you will receive together in the kit.

Beginners’ language learning

Once the strange letters don’t scare you, any text will be easier for you to understand and you can start getting to know the language better. You need a source of knowledge about reading rules, study techniques, and tips. However, most of these books are too voluminous, which can turn off any beginner, so we offer the most concise and useful resource.

The Ultimate Beginners Learning Guide: Master the Fundamentals of the Arabic Language

There you’ll find a thorough description of everything you might need to know. It will help you determine the points on which you need to concentrate your attention first. This material was published to give a helping hand to those wishing to get familiar with the language and become fond of it.

Enriching the lexicon

Even if you’re not 10 anymore, illustrations still play a crucial role in comprehending the material. Images aid in the formation of mental associations. Furthermore, if you are one of those who have an eidetic memory, you will benefit from it a lot.

Arabic-English Bilingual Visual Dictionary

First of all, you need to start understanding words and phrases which are used in our everyday life. It includes numerous to support you in the process of memorization of information.

After that, feel free to book flights to Qatar, Saudi Arabia, or Tunisia, as you can already start trying to talk to the indigenous people.

Sentence construction guidance

Having learned some of the common words and phrases, you may begin to learn how to construct sentences and apply grammatical structures appropriately.

Easy Arabic Grammar

Sometimes grammatical constructions confuse people who study languages because each country has its own rules. It is especially difficult for those who study on their own without the help of a teacher.

There are various sections in the textbook, each with a full explanation. After studying the topic, you will discover brief conclusions to capture the lesson.


The above-mentioned resources will become valuable boosters, which will assist you on your way to becoming fluent in Arabic. They will make your studying process easier, and after a few years of study, you will be able to read literature and publications with ease.

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