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13 Best Books On Brand Marketing To Read In 2021

Find out how a lasting, memorable brand identity is built from nothing

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Brand marketing is a powerful tool that affects client choice hugely – even if that choice isn’t very informed. You can be providing a superior product or service but under a less meaningful brand and you’ll still not receive the client numbers you deserve.

These books reveal the latest on brand identity marketing. Whether you want to overhaul your local image, or learn more about people’s perceptions, these experienced authors have been studying what works for years. 

So, stand out from the rest and learn how perceptions rule in business.

Professional Services Marketing by Mike Schultz

This product was recommended by Erico Franco from Agência de Marketing Digital

I’ve read the book while doing my MBA and took a long time to read it but is a perfect book for branding. Although it is a book that requires a good effort from the reader, it is ideal as it gives a deeper marketing view on how to increase your branding. As branding is directly related to the consumer’s experience and in what impression the brand will leave to the public, this book has much to teach on the subject.

Start With Why by Simon Sinek

This product was recommended by Richard Garvey from AcerSEO

In Start With Why, Sinek clearly identifies the best way to build your brand/business from day 1 by creating meaning behind your work. Once you understand why you want to succeed, the rest is much easier!

Building a StoryBrand by Donald Miller

This product was recommended by Holly Ostara from Books & Alchemy

The days of tossing a stock image up on your Instagram and adding a few hashtags are gone. Readers want connection. They want empathy. They want to connect with your story. Donald Miller’s Building a StoryBrand is a fantastic reference for learning how to tell your story in a way that authentically attracts the right customers.

Using Semiotics in Marketing by Dr. Rachel Lawes

This product was recommended by Calloway Cook from Illuminate Labs

Semiotics is the study of signs and symbols, and Dr. Lawes uses it to turn marketing into an objective, quantifiable discipline. The book is written in a step-by-step format and guides the reader through the necessary steps to improve their brand marketing substantially.

Power Branding by Steve McKee

This product was recommended by Dawn Foster from D. Foster Marketing Consulting

Eye opening stories of different brands that have evolved over time, with success stories as well as failures. This book will give you a new perspective on viewing branding and marketing as a whole for every size business, no matter what stage you’re in.

How Cool Brands Stay Hot By Joeri Van Den Bergh

This product was recommended by Jake Hay from PopShorts

I think this book is great for brand marketing professionals because it emphasizes the importance of knowing your audience, and why tactics that may work for one specific audience will not work for another. The book also includes intensive research that gives a real insight into the mindset of these generations that are now so important to businesses today and hold a lot of power when it comes to brand marketing.

Different by Youngme Moon

This product was recommended by Brian Robben from Robben Media

Why get lost in irrelevance with your competitors, when you can be the unicorn brand that wins because of its unique differences? In this book, the author Moon shares what was learned after studying market dominant superstars like Google and IKEA. The results are fascinating. I’m willing to bet you’ll change your entire strategy after reading this. When your competitors all copy each other, you’ll innovate to serve customers better. When your competitors all lower their prices, you’ll raise yours and appear superior. Read this book. Then take your brand down an unpaved path to create your own success. Not only will you have more fun on the adventure of your life, nothing else pays like it.

From Nothing By Ian Pribyl

This product was recommended by Sumitra Senapaty from WOW Club

When most entrepreneurs or organizations are starting out on a new business adventure, the cash flow might not be there yet, so stretching your brand marketing dollar as far as it will go is imperative. This guide offers numerous tips on how to begin, including utilizing content marketing, email marketing and other strategies to help brand your company.

How to Launch a Startup by Milan Steskal

This product was recommended by Angela Ash from Flow SEO

If you are just starting your business, there are a number of things to keep in mind. And even if your company is 10 years old, sometimes it doesn’t hurt to go back to your roots and examine marketing ideas, additional fundraising pitches and general structuring. This is why How to Launch a Startup is so important. Whether you’re just getting started or looking for innovative ways to restructure, the nine steps in this book can prove to be very beneficial.

Brand Thinking and Other Noble Pursuits by Debbie Millman

This product was recommended by Ollie Smith from Card Accounts

In ‘Brand Thinking and Other Noble Pursuits’ by Debbie Millman, the author explores the current state of brand marketing. The book acts not just as a guide but a sounding board with an in depth discussion on why modern branding is vital and what really makes someone buy a particular product. Drawing on the experience and expertise of branding influencers, the publication provides answers to the daily questions all businesses face.

Your Brand Should Be Gay by Re Perez

This product was recommended by Stephanie Lane from SafeSpaceHub

The title of this book demonstrates what it means to create an authentic brand. It catches your attention for a number of reasons, but the point is that it catches your attention. With real-life case stories and BTS insights, Perez challenges your understanding of branding, how to create an authentic brand, and what brand marketing success looks like – practically speaking.

The Content Code by Mark W. Schaefer

This product was recommended by Mike Khorev from MikeKhorev

As the title suggests, this book focuses on content marketing, which as we all know, is a very important aspect not only on branding/brand marketing but modern marketing as a whole. This book is basically great for anyone: whether you are a complete branding beginner who wanted to explore content as a branding venture or even experienced marketers who want to improve their content marketing success. Mark W. Schaefer focuses on an analytical approach to present what actually works in content marketing, why, and how to implement it. In this world where content and especially social media content is an integral part of branding, this book can answer the conundrum faced by many marketers today: how to get more content engagement, and how to capitalize on it

Top of Mind by John Hall

This product was recommended by Noman Asghar from Fan Jackets

John describes the most creative and effective ways to build brand image that can market out on different platforms easily. He focuses on building a great strategies about making good relationship with customers, how to engage and increase the number of consumers and many other useful techniques.

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