Sing the Song of the Ocean Book Review

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Five Stars

I enjoyed reading “Sing the Song of the Ocean” by Elizabeth Hannah (illustrated by Polly Healy) who in my opinion is an exceptionally talented writer who writes in a brilliant style for children. I also felt this book was beautifully illustrated with well-chosen soft colors of various shades of light blues, pinks, and other soothing colors that go well with the heart-warming feelings conveyed by this story.

In my opinion, this gifted and highly intelligent author selects very relaxing words written in an intriguing and peaceful style. For example,

“As the whispering waves
Carried the melody, the little sailing boat
Came to realize that anyone can sing the
‘Song of the Ocean’,
Anywhere in the world even if they are a
Long way from the water.
It is the art of imagining!
It’s imagining all of the harmonies
Opening the Heart Centre where the ‘Song
Of the Ocean’ resides.

I thought this is an excellent book right before bedtime to read aloud or to have children read since it helps soothe any anxious feelings into calm feelings.

As I was reading it, I thought of something I read by Dr. Alan Mendelsohn, a professor of Pediatrics at New York University School of Medicine, who studied the benefits of reading for children and wrote,

“Children have an opportunity to think about the story and the words to describe feelings of the subjects of the story and that enables them to better control their behavior when they have challenging feelings like anger or sadness.” 

This made me think that this wonderful story is excellent to read aloud as it certainly conveys calming and peaceful feelings. Also, I felt this book would be a perfect aid to children get to sleep much easier after a troublesome day.

All in all, I thought the author created something highly unique and a perfect book for bedtime. I also felt this is an excellent book for the early reader to expand their vocabulary. Highly recommended!


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