Armless Hugs: Beautiful, Profound Book of Poetry Cuts to Core of Humanity – Offering Hope Amid Pandemic

Written from the life, experiences and wisdom of Chartered British Psychologist and poet Jim Meehan, ‘Armless Hugs’ takes readers deep into human relationships. It’s a journey through love and connectivity; a beacon of truth and meaning for readers who are trying to come to terms with the current Covid-19 pandemic. One critic wrote, “I recommend this read to anyone who enjoys thought-provoking inspiration. The poems are short and simple but deep in meaning.”

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With over five decades of experience working in the global application of psychological science, Jim Meehan has a firm and tight grasp on positive human relationships and the interconnectivity that binds us all. He is also sensitive to the awe and mystery of the universe. 

But since the Covid-19 pandemic broke out, millions have been left confused not only about their relationships, but the meaning of life itself. 

That’s when literature comes to the rescue. Novels and poems for students help to see the bigger picture and reconsider fundamental aspects of life. Especially when they are discussed in a melodic and rhythmic manner of a poem

In his truly ground-breaking and immersive new book of poetry, Meehan helps readers explore words of love and wonder which can help  them embrace who they are, as well as truly solidify how they and those around them fit into the wider picture of life. It’s bold to say the very least.

Synopsis of ‘Armless Hugs’:

Armless Hugs is a collection of poems which tries to capture and communicate strong feelings and interesting thoughts about human relationships and key questions and ideas that humans face about the world and their place within it.

The lead poem “Armless Hugs” is particularly relevant today as many people are isolated from their loved ones during the coronavirus pandemic and have to hug them with their arms by their sides, even for some at the time of the death of their loved ones. The words sound like harmless hugs which suggests  a link to the phrase “do no harm” which so many of our carers abide by as an ethical or moral principle when devoting themselves to healing others.

Part One focuses on human relationships while Part Two is more general in its scope.

“I didn’t just want to write poems,” explains the author. “I wanted to craft meaningful, uplifting verses that would bring true inspiration to my readers. The goal was to move them, and prompt them to reconsider many aspects of their lives. 2021 has left so many people searching for answers to questions they’d never before even thought of – and poetry is a great way to help them explore their lives and find answers.”

Continuing, “There’s fifty-eight poems in the book, so of course the topics are very wide-ranging. From advice to teenage parents, to defining humility and understanding what personally matters to us most – readers should be prepared to cover a broad spectrum of humanity’s thoughts, feelings and actions.”

Reviews have been extremely positive., who awarded the work 4 stars out of a possible 4 stars, wrote, “If you have ever been unable to embrace someone you love because you are physically or emotionally separated by illness, a job, or other circumstances, the title of this book would surely capture your attention. Jim Meehan penned the titular poem over twenty years ago to articulate how it felt when he would return home late at night after one of his many business trips and find his wife and daughter already asleep. His emotions would be conflicted—he longed to embrace them but did not want to disturb their rest. With separation so prevalent during the current pandemic, Meehan has published this poem and others in a collection entitled Armless Hugs…. I recommend this read to anyone who enjoys thought-provoking inspiration. The poems are short and simple but deep in meaning. There is neither profanity nor erotic content in this compilation; it is appropriate for all ages, but adults will relate best to the topics.”

‘Armless Hugs’ is available now:

About the Author

Jim Meehan is a Chartered British Psychologist and poet.

During a fifty year career spent equally between the United Kingdom and the United States he specialized in leader selection and development. His main psychological interests lie in exploring the positive power good relationships have in bringing out the best in people and also delving into the interplay between thoughts and feelings.

Apart from his interest in people he also has another life interest, namely, rhyming verse. At primary school he was fascinated by poets and song writers who used this method to convey their messages and meaning, whether it was the romanticism of William Wordsworth in The Daffodils or the morality of Robert Southey in The Inchcape Rock or the melodies of Ella Fitzgerald and Nat King Cole. At secondary school and college he counted William Blake, A. E. Housman, Dylan Thomas and W. H. Auden among his favorite poets and he collected all the records of Buddy Holly and The Beatles. He was always doodling his thoughts and feelings in rhyme.

It was his psychological mentor Dr. William E. Hall who noticed some of his rhyming doodles and encouraged him to polish them up and publish them in the mid-nineties. Armless Hugs is the culmination of Jim’s doodles.

Jim Meehan and his wife Maureen currently live in Solihull, England to be closer to their daughter, Larissa and their grandson, Amir and will celebrate 50 years of happy married life in August 2021.

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