Are Mobile Phone Games Still Popular Today?

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Newzoo reported approximately 2.69 billion mobile phone gamers back in 2020. The platform predicts a rise in mobile phone gamers in 2023 to about 3.07 billion worldwide. At the same time, Game Analytics reported over 75 billion people engaged in mobile phone games every month on average in 2020. Individuals could play on the best online slots UK sites averaging around 4.2 hours playing mobile-based games in a day, according to AppAnnie. The players aren’t restricted to men, women, or children, and statistics show that 51% of the gamers on record are women, and 38% were male. These statistics indicate that mobile phone games are quite popular amongst the public worldwide. But why are they so popular?

  • Accessibility and ease of use
  • Portability and Phone Convenience
  • Variety and Quality Gaming Experience
  • Cost-Efficient or Free
  • Fun and Relaxing

Accessibility and Ease of Use

The numbers show that more and more people are accessing the Internet using mobile phone devices. Statista highlights that over 4.28 billion people were mobile Internet users in 2020; the number represents around 90% of the global population that uses the Internet daily. These numbers are also applicable to the gaming community as over 3.5 billion people, according to Techjury, own phones with easy and fast access to the Internet. Therefore, players can easily acquire the essential device required to play games online (mobile phone).

Phones are easy to use as individuals only need to follow usage instructions. Game developers undergo lesser costs in developing mobile games compared to other devices such as PC or desktops. Therefore, there is an influx of mobile phone games at regular intervals, from varying providers and with varying plots and gameplay. Each game exhibits quality graphics, better operational mechanics, provides quality options for an individual, and ensures proper challenge.

Therefore, players have a wide array of titles or game genres. Besides, you do not have to use complex or difficult game control methods to play. The games employ straightforward and mobile-friendly control mechanisms. The functions make all games easily accessible and easy to use.

Portability and Phone Convenience

Finding balance in this life and world today is an out-of-this-world experience. Free times to partake in personal activities have become a rare occurrence, and individual lives for modernized individuals are quite hectic. Mobile phones provide individuals with the convenience of being available and easy to carry anywhere and anytime. As a result, individuals can engage in a game or two during work breaks, when sleep evades them during the night, or while working on the train or bus, or when sitting in the back enjoying the afternoon sun.

Mobile phones in this day and age are compact and can fit into a small purse or carry with your hands. You can bring it with you anywhere and not fill the weight of it. Also, it does not need power cords, present in a desktop or a console game. All you need is your smartphone, a quality Internet connection to download the game, and an ample battery charge to play whenever you are free.

Variety and Quality Gaming Experience

Individuals desire straightforward game designs, and mobile phone games deliver on the need for simplicity. Most of the designed games have no depth, but that does not mean they aren’t worthy of the public. It means that it can help pass the time waiting for other meeting members to come in during a session. Also, the games are often multilevel with the condition of passing the initial stage or earning many points to advance to the next step. Playing the games on a compact phone and the simple pick-up and proceed-to-play design ensures game variety and provides an addictive experience to players.

In a single month, players can partake in 2 to 5 mobile phone-based games on average, according to AppAnnie. Also, most of the games played are Hyper-Casual which experienced ten times more in downloads than other games, according to Venturebeat. The main reason is that a repetitive game can be addictive, especially for individuals who desire a perfect score. The repeat session ensures that you attain your target, bring home the cup or win.

Cost-Efficient or Free

Compatibility and ease of use of mobile gaming platforms on both Android and iOS platforms further add to the variety of games available. The two operators have the highest earnings for mobile phone gaming, with iOS realizing revenue of 66% from entire store app purchases. At the same time, android had much higher revenue with 83% of game sales in 2020, according to SensorTower. The mobile phone game apps deliver on revenue and cost a little as well.

Mobile game developers do not experience strenuous expenditures designing these simple games. The games consume little mobile power and do not require a super large display. Mobile games are smaller in size compared to PC-based games and are more convenient to use. Players do not spend large amounts to purchase a mobile game like in a console. However, the low price doesn’t mean the games aren’t of high quality. Plus, you can take up Monty’s Millions free to play online on your phone anytime. Incur no costs when playing some of the mobile games developed!

Fun and Relaxing

Mobile phones have advanced the human world to new heights with amazing innovations, especially in entertainment. You can now subscribe to popular streaming companies and watch a movie or popular TV shows on your mobile. A quick download of the right app will have you relaxed and enjoying life. The same experience refers to mobile gaming; downloading and installing the games is easy. Game controls are simple to understand, and the gameplay is interesting enough to get many people addicted.

You can enjoy a game or two alone or invite friends over to play. However, the invitation can only be on the virtual platforms as many mobile phones can now play multiplayer game versions. Therefore, individuals can socialize, make friends and create online communities for regular meet-ups and gaming information. You can compare goals or scores, a strategy developed or tips when playing, and more. It is one of the reasons why the gaming community has embraced mobile gaming with such enthusiasm.

Mobile games are fun; the graphics are captivating, the storyline or game plot is quite engaging, and the soundtracks are divine. The repetition in each level with subtle changes delivers a quality gaming experience for individuals with no time to delve deeper into understanding a game and only require a distraction to pass the time.


Mobile phones are simple devices, easy to attain and operate. Therefore, the invention of mobile games made it easier for individuals to access online games without incurring high costs. Also, the phones are compacting, thus, portable to any corner of the earth without exerting much effort. All you need is a quality internet connection to play or download your select games. Plus, these games are fun, a nice pastime, and essential in making new friends. These are but a few of the reasons behind mobile phone games’ popularity today.

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