Book Lovers: Chatting Online About Your Book Preferences

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In the 21st century, books and reading aren’t as popular as they once were. Not necessarily because the quality of literature has decreased but because a lot of other factors have changed.

First off, people are busier and have a lot less free time as everything moves quicker because of technology. Then, you have more ways of “reading” now as you can read a synopsis online, listen to an audiobook, read on a Kindle or some form of a tablet or phone, etc.

Also, people have different tastes, so finding someone who likes the same books as you and wishes to discuss them is pretty complicated.

But luckily, there is a solution to getting your reading and conversation needs to be met, and that solution is chatting online.

It seems that the most avid readers nowadays are cougars.

They have more free time, and they enjoy chatting online, dating online, and reading books. And we have the solution for these women, a solution that can combine all their passions.

Finding Someone to chat About Books With

At work or among your real-life friends, you might not be able to find someone who is as interested in reading as you are. You can’t walk up to people on the street and ask them if they like reading, if they prefer a specific genre and if they would like to form a sort of book club with you.

That would be pretty weird, and you don’t know how people might react. So offline isn’t the solution. But online is. While you can look for specific websites that are meant for people who wish to share their opinions on books, these are pretty one-sided. You can only, in some rare cases, reply to other people’s comments.

But if you enter an online dating website and join a cougar chat, you will be able to discuss anything you wish, including books. So, read the cougar definition, but understand that being called a cougar is not an insult in any way. These are single, older women who are still interested in learning, seeing new things, talking to many different people, and even bonding with a younger generation.

The thing with chats on online dating websites is that you can find a partner but also make friends. While the best combination is to find both and for all of the above to enjoy reading books, this is not a given.

But either one or the other should theoretically happen, so you’ll be covered and satisfied with the result.

Older Women and Their Preferences in Books and in Men

Books are undoubtedly amazing. You can find a book on anything you can think about. You can read books on dating men, romance novels, specialty books, self-improvement books, SCI-FI, adventure, horror, anything at all.

Not all people have the same tastes, and that’s ok. You won’t have the exact same taste in men with other women either. That’s why online dating websites are so great. There are millions of singles you can reach very quickly.

You can set your preferences and use filters, and find people with whom you are truly compatible. You can focus on looks, but you can also focus on their background, job, likes and dislikes, religion, and many different factors that could let you know if they enjoy the same books you do.

And once you have gotten some matches, you can chat with them, get to know them, and see what books they enjoy and if they are interested in discussing them. The great news about this combination is that by chatting about books, you can better understand the person. So you know them on a deeper level and can easily tell if they are the right person for you.


Cougars love books, young men, chatting, and having fun. They can have all these things, and it won’t be complicated or take a long period. Everything can be arranged in a couple of minutes. The solution is super straightforward: they should make an account on an online dating website and either start a relationship online with a compatible partner who has an equal thirst for knowledge or just enter a chat and discuss with friends.

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