Harrowing Short Stories with Distinction.

An Injection of the Unexpected & A Dose of the Unforeseen: Darkly-Comedic, Exclusive Books Tackling unusual Subjects with Gusto, and will take the reader into another dimension.

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Amber Jay Hughes’s two volumes are braver than any books on the market! Hughes isn’t afraid to tackle subjects typically swept under the carpet and encourages readers to encounter these miraculous stories.

Don’t worry if you get hooked, Amber is currently writing her third book.

‘A Sting of the Unpredicted’


These short stories cover horror, science fiction, black comedy, women’s empowerment, toilet humour and heartbreak that will blow your mind.  The anecdotes end with an unexpected turn of events, and the twists to the stories deliver an absorbing read.

“Expect to LOL and even examine many topics you’ve spent your entire life shying away from!” explains the author. “That’s the beauty of writing and in my case letting the reader experience many emotions. Each book contains a mixed bag of short stories that are powerful within their subject area, with intrigue and trickery that will leave the reader wanting more.

Reviews have been extremely positive. One Amazon customer writes, “Amber Jay Hughes’s second book is a great read with plenty of unexpected twists, some laughs, and a number of shocking outcomes. I absolutely love and highly recommend this book.”

Another adds, “Loved the short stories, it makes a change from having to wait ages for the eventual twist. These stories are all a great way to relax in small sessions and still get great entertainment. What a great idea for this time consuming world. Hope more of these books come about.”

Here are some examples of the diversity to the tales:

  • Cowboy Capers – A decorator that targets the elderly – a modern day ‘Robbing Hoodie’
  • – The after horrors after a blind date.
  • Dan the Road Meat Man – Road kill restaurant open and ready to serve.
  • The Halloween Harvest – Trick or Treat will never be the same
  • That S and M Feeling – girl gets the wrong end of the stick at an interview
  • Blackpool Beauty – the lesbian that turned a beauty contest upside down

And many more

An Injection of the Unexpected and A Dose of the Unforeseen are available now at: search on, under Amber Jay Hughes

About the Author:  

Amber was born in Kingston-Upon-Thames, Surrey in 1961.  In 1980 aged eighteen she moved from Worcestershire to London and worked in the capital mainly in IT and telecommunications.  After moving to Weston-super-Mare in 2015 with her two cats, she started writing while attending a writing group in 2018. 

“I never thought in my wildest dreams having had such a busy career, that I would one day write a book and get it published. Now living at a slower pace and with encouragement I decided to publish my short stories.” 

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