Business Continuity and the Pandemic Threat Book Review

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Business Continuity and the Pandemic Threat Book Summary:

Considering the pandemic threat in a business continuity context.

Pandemics are by their nature widespread, indiscriminate, and impossible to prevent.

This book considers how pandemics affect organizations – including operating with a depleted workforce – and explains how best to prepare for and mitigate their effects.

It covers:

  • Pandemic plan considerations, including:
  • Working from home
  • Supply chain management
  • Crisis management roles and responsibilities
  • Communications and media plans
  • Employees’ health and safety, including corporate cleanliness and healthy habits
  • SARS and norovirus case studies
  • Actions at a global, national, corporate, and individual level
  • Health services contingency plans
  • How to validate your pandemic plan

Business Continuity and the Pandemic Threat Book Review:

An interesting and worthwhile read. I found particularly useful the sections covering how to validate your pandemic plan and the section concerning supply chain management.

The book provides a good background in pandemic preparation and also covers how you should go into action during and after an outbreak.

I also like the fact that it is written for business continuity professionals and covers issues in that context.

The book leaves out the usual zombie apocalypse warnings – no doubt these are taken into account by the author’s insurance provider – and focusses on what you can realistically do to protect the business.


I am a member of the Business Continuity Management Association (BCMA). The above book review was an independent piece of work under my own initiative and volition. The above review was produced independently for and on behalf of the Business Continuity Management Association and does not represent the views of my employer nor any organisation with ‘interest’ in the matter.

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