Be a Smart Mum Not a Good Mum: Uplifting Book Equips Women to Reclaim their Hidden “Mojo” – and THRIVE in Family Life

Nicky Tegg’s ‘Be a Smart Mum Not a Good Mum: 5 Profound Principles to Reclaim Your Mojo for a Satisfying and Fulfilling Family Life’ calls on the author’s experience as a life coach, mother, and lifelong learner – as she guides women toward a new life with vigour, direction, success and the positive embracement of motherhood. With simple principles that can be rapidly applied to everyday life, the book’s wisdom will help any woman move through life’s challenges to grow with grace. It’s a must-read.

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While every woman prepares for motherhood and family life with a fire of positivity, millions find they lose their “mojo” as the strains of family life take their toll. Nobody knows this better than Nicky Tegg, who has helped clients around the world transform their lives and get out of this rut.

In her new book, ‘Be a Smart Mum Not a Good Mum: 5 Profound Principles to Reclaim Your Mojo for a Satisfying and Fulfilling Family Life’, Nicky Tegg reaches out to women looking for clarity, peace of mind and the ability to thrive as a mother, wife and family woman.

It’s powerful to say the very least.


Your mind can be your best friend or your worst nightmare.

Are you struggling with living up to the image of the mum you wanted to be?
Do you wonder where your “happy ever after” is?
Do your emotions go up and down like a yoyo all day?
Do you wonder how you lost your mojo and if you will ever get it back again?

The 5 profound principles in this book are powerful and life-transforming. They will help you to shift your mindset from pain to success in all areas of your life. As you apply the different processes in this book, you will learn how to:

Connect back to your mojo
Set your mind to succeed
Feel good about yourself with confidence and a healthy self-esteem

Be a positive influence for your children
Become the woman you want to be
Manage your emotions.

“I don’t just share advice; I also give women concrete action points they can implement into everyday life, to anchor the principles,” explains the author. “We cover the entire gamut of life, from relationships and finances to health, family life and many things in between. I want this to be a holistic, comprehensive beacon of hope for women who feel like they may have lost some direction. I can assure them this isn’t true – and their best days are ahead.”

Continuing, “Every woman needs a “toolkit”, and I’m handing them one with this book. It contains dozens of principles that will transform any woman’s existence into one where she’s oozing with excitement at the start of each day, and her relationships and family life are the foundation of everything she does. It’s so transformational!”

‘Be a Smart Mum Not a Good Mum: 5 Profound Principles to Reclaim Your Mojo for a Satisfying and Fulfilling Family Life’ is available now:

About the Author:

As an expert in the field of personal development, professional life coach Nicky Tegg has enabled hundreds of clients to transform their lives all around the globe through one-to one personal coaching, workshops, online programs, and speaking engagements. As a result of working with Nicky, clients are freed from emotional agony and go on to create their dream lifestyle with grace and ease. 

The link between people’s mindset and their behaviour became of interest to Nicky when she started studying self-development as a young teenager thirty years ago. It was after she married her husband Nick and became a mum to her daughter Ashani that she realised most women she knew were not happy. That was when she decided to go full-time into the world of personal development, becoming a qualified life coach so she could support people from all walks of life as they take the driver’s seat in their lives. 

Nicky’s 5 principles can work for anyone. ‘Be a Smart mum, Not a Good Mum’ brings Nicky’s insights to a wider audience for the first time. Her intention is that every woman who reads this book should experience a positive and powerful impact from her words.

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