7 Steps for a Killer Product Manager LinkedIn Profile

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With a projected growth of over 14%, the need for product managers is being recognized by industries. As a professional in a field, the current standard requires you to be on par with industry standards and maintain a distinct competence.

With over 698,945 product managers on LinkedIn, it’s a tough crowd to impress. You need to constantly put in the effort to be recognized for your expertise on the platform.

If you have a ready-to-go resume for product manager, it is time to evaluate what you do to give your LinkedIn profile a facelift. Here are a few tips for you to shine through your LinkedIn profile with ideas that will help you stay on top of trends.

Draft a Captivating Headline

Right on the first page, your LinkedIn headline would be a brief overview of your career. Within one line, you explain what it is that you do.

The best practice is to list these three important facts:

  • Who you are
  • What benefit do you provide
  • For whom

Keep in mind that you need not write a whole paragraph with complex sentence structures. Separate these facts by a vertical slash and keep it as concise as possible.

Give Your Profile a Facelift

For the landing page of your LinkedIn profile, you need to elevate the aesthetic to appeal better to your viewers. You can focus on these three things to achieve that:

Profile Picture

Upload a professional profile picture with your face taking up at least 60% of the photo. Avoid distractions such as other people or a cluttered atmosphere.

Along with that, you can upload a background picture for the added effect of visual enhancement. Do make sure that it connects to your career objective.

Profile URL

When you join LinkedIn, you will be given a default profile URL with an incoherent load of letters and numbers.

However, if you go to the settings, you will land on an option to make it just your name. It will appeal better to the viewers when they land on your LinkedIn profile.

Contact Information

If you have any external websites or any business profile to link, you can do that in the contact information section.

Not only will this add an extra layer of professionalism, but it will also increase traction to the links you list as they will compellingly appear on the landing page.

Write an Engaging Summary

In a few lines, you can explain the important parts of your career trajectory in the summary section. By using power verbs and maintaining a cause-effect relationship, you can enhance the quality of your summary to appeal better to the viewers.

Additionally, you can add media such as videos to make a lasting impression on the viewer as it is more engaging. Doing so will also appear refreshing on your LinkedIn profile, not to mention that it will give your viewers a much better chance of understanding you.

Use the Right Keywords

To rank better on LinkedIn search results, you need to include the keywords that you want to be known by. It will give you increased chances of reaching your target demographic and give you valuable connections.

The main areas you can target keywords are the headline, summary, and profile. You can include these keywords wherever you deem suitable to enhance your visibility on LinkedIn.

Optimize Your Experiences

Without the constraints of resume pages, you can go all out with your professional experience on your LinkedIn profile.

When you craft your professional experience section, make sure that you refrain from including irrelevant information and make it readable by using bulletins instead of paragraphs.

As a bonus, LinkedIn has a feature where you can link your company page if they have a profile. Utilize this if possible as it elevates your work experience section and will give your viewers a better glance into your career.

With opportunities like The LinkedIn Associate Product Manager program, you can add important affiliations or certifications to elevate your profile further.

Generate Captivating Content

Since LinkedIn is ultimately a social media platform, the easiest way to revamp your profile is by posting regular and engaging content.

Focus on your areas of expertise and generate articles or posts that reflect your unique perspective. Try to get your following to engage with your content as interacting with your audience will always be a good look.

As statistics suggest, 70% of recruiters prefer applicants with an online presence as it helps them evaluate your candidacy in depth. So, be consistent with your uploads and focus on writings pieces that will give your viewers a good impression.

Interact with the Community

As you already know, there are tons of product manager LinkedIn profiles aside from yours and you should utilize that fact by engaging with them.

By building such connections, your profile will show a significant number of followers along with the obvious fact that you will gain knowledge from other professionals.

Try to communicate with other product managers or important personalities by engaging with their content or messaging them personally and making valuable connections.

Key Takeaways

As a product manager in the present environment, having a significant social media presence is important personally and professionally. Companies have their own LinkedIn profiles and have their employees listed on their profiles.

When such an opportunity knocks on your door, you do not want to give them a tacky profile. Here is what you can take away from this blog to create a decent LinkedIn profile:

  • In your profile headline, give a brief description of what you do and what major skills you possess as a product manager
  • With a sophisticated profile picture, URL, and background image, you can make your LinkedIn profile more visually appealing
  • Draft a concise summary of the major feats in your career to give your viewers a better understanding of your professional status
  • To increase your visibility, use relevant keywords as it will help you reach your target audience better
  • Follow a minimalist approach with your work experience by giving short one-liners in bulletins instead of writing paragraphs
  • Churn out engaging posts and articles on your profile to interact with your audience and to give your profile an expert touch with evergreen content
  • Network with important personalities to increase your following as well as to build valuable connections

Follow these tips to create a product manager LinkedIn profile that will help you elevate your online presence!

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